Mark Bell

Mark Bell

 Lakeland, Florida, USA

I would describe my style of playing: gospel roots, soulful, jazzy, edgy, Pocket, and with emotion.


Mark Bell was born in San Francisco. Raised in Daly City, ten minutes outside of San Francisco. At the age of twenty he moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and four months later moved to Lakeland Florida were he now resides.
Before he knew what drums or even music was, he was in love with it. He can truly say music was his fist love. While in his mother’s womb, she was in a gospel choir standing right next to the musicians, she told him as soon as the music began to play, he would begin to kick.
At the age of 8, he played in church for the youth choir and children’s choir, learning from the music directors and mentors the meaning of drum playing and the power of music. He knew he wanted to make music/drum playing as a career when he was in third year in high school. He began to focus on Drummers like, Dave Weckle, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers to the more and upcoming Drummers like Tony Royster Jr., Chris Coleman Aaron Spears and the list goes on.
When he moved to Florida he was introduced to more world Drummers such as “El Negro,” Giovanni, and many more. He was offered a scholarship to Southeastern University to play with the Tour Bands and was faithfully committed to the group. Played on many recordings and projects. See CDs “Enter In” “Essence” “All Creation”

• 6:30 music CD
• Andrew Phillip CD DEMO
• Andre Henry CD Demo
• Matt Keyes CE
• Love Piece CD DEMO
• Emanuel & GC CD
• Zack CD

He has also played in different cities & states to perform for festivals, venues, churches, wine bars, and T.V shows such as I.N.S.P. in North Carolina and many more. Now he is currently playing with Andre Henry and PSO, Love Piece, Emanel & GC, Matt Keyes, and Without Walls Central in Lakeland under Pastor Scott and Pastor Cindy.

Contact Information

407.968.1178 cell


Dre & PSO EP

1.Tell me about your day
2. Don't give up on love
3. Moon so Bright
4. Let it Rain
5. How'mah supposed to feel


1. Prostrate
2. Sex Machine
3. The bridegroom song
4. Relentless

6:30 Music LP
Southeastern University LP
Emannuel and GC LP coming soon
Love Piece LP coming soon