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I'm listening now

Written By: mark bepler

The answer to the question, “How dumb can you be?”
Is right here in my mirror, looking back at me
I pay for my stupidity every single day
Living with the memory of when you walked away

God knows you tried to warn me, my friends all warned me too
But when someone’s that stubborn, there’s not much you can do
I just didn’t want to read the writing on the wall
I didn’t want to listen to my wake-up call…

Well I’m listening now – listening to the sound of a life falling apart
And I’m wondering how – how long can a man live with a broken heart?
And if you could only see me somehow, you would know I’m listening now.

It’s hard to believe that I could act like such a jerk
And still think our relationship was really gonna work
I played around and acted like it was all a game
The plain and simple fact is, I’m the only one to blame

If I made a list of all the stupid things I’ve done
Treating you like I did would be number one
I was given everything, and I threw it all away
I know it don’t mean anything, but I just want to say…


Our worst mistakes our always the hardest to forget
First there is the heartache and then comes the regret
Who would think an empty house could ever be so loud?
Who would think that so much rain could fall from just one cloud?

The other night I got my old Bible off the shelf
I read about the love of God and dying to yourself
I must have found a dozen warnings not to be a fool
Too bad I wasn’t listening back in Sunday School…


When the rain falls

Written By: mark bepler

I don’t know what it is about the rain
But it can bring it back like yesterday
I remember a family friend stopped by
I could tell from one look in her eye…

I wouldn’t see you again
What we had was now “had been”
I knew I had lost my friend, my Dad
And even though I, said that I wouldn’t cry
Sometimes when the rain falls, it gets in my eyes

Someone said that time heals all wounds
I don’t think that person really knew
Time does have a way of easing pain
But even time can’t stop the fallin’ rain

And I haven’t seen you again
What we had is still had been
And I still miss my friend, my Dad
And even though I, said that I wouldn’t cry
Sometimes when the rain falls, it gets in my eyes

I had to fight the pain away
deep down inside almost every day
There were times I couldn’t stay and had to run hide
life shouldn’t be that way

(musical interlude)

So many years have come and gone
I have a little boy now of my own
The other day he looked at me and said,
“I just want to be with you Dad!”

Now I can see you again
What we had, I have again
Because now I am that friend and Dad
And even though I still don’t know why
Now when the rain falls, my eyes stay dry

You gotta learn to read

Written By: mark bepler

Well I rushed home from school –
I couldn’t wait to see
Something that my buddy had given to me
He got it from his older brother who was seventeen
To a boy twelve years it was better than gold - it was a playboy magazine

I got lost in the pages on my bedroom floor
I didn’t even hear my dad opened the door
Never in all my life have I turned so red
Its been twenty years September but I still remember every single word he said

(He said) The thing about women - they’re a lot like books
There’s a lot more to 'em than just their looks
You can’t judge a book just by what’s on the cover
Just ‘cause a girl’s pretty, son -
well that don’t mean you love her
When it comes to women if you want to succeed
You can’t just look at pictures –
you gotta learn to read

Well I thought quite a bit about what dad had said
And I had to admit I wasn’t very well read
So I started to look at life a little differently
Girls of all ages were books filled with pages and the world was my library

I read ‘em when they laughed,
I read ‘em when they cried
I really got in touch with my feminine side
And I began to see what my dad was talkin’ about
With every page I turned
there was more to learn
so I just kept checkin’ ‘em out

Short ones long ones, right ones wrong ones
Thick ones thin ones “Gone with the Wind” ones
Textbooks, checkbooks, special effects books
History, mystery, college level chemistry
Romance, slow dance what to do when you’re in France
Barbie dolls, shopping malls - I just went and read ‘em all

For the next few years I read everything in sight
But reading doesn’t keep a man warm at night
And by 25 I was ready to settle down
And right about then she walked in, and turned my whole world around

She was a pretty little mystery with a well-written plot
The kind that keeps you guessin’ and surprises you a lot
She was in excellent condition – she was real well-bound
And once I picked her up,
I couldn’t put her down

Her story line was better than any I had heard
She really had me hangin’ on every single word
And right inside the cover of this little fairy-tale
It said, “lonely lover seeks Mr. Right male”
Now I’m lost in her lines every day and night
And in my spare time... I’m learnin’ how to write