Mark Birtles Project

Mark Birtles Project


Anyone who's seen Mark Birtles Project play live will understand. The amount of energy emanating from their rock n roll could light a small town for a week. Bands who have the misfortune of playing after them understand too. Think Jimi Hendrix opening for The Monkees. This band kills.


Mark Birtles Project hail from Edmonton and will be among a new wave of "it" bands emerging from that frozen burg. They've always found themselves set apart from other bands based largely around their ultra high energy, shoe melting, heart attack inducing shows (to which their bleeding fingers and knees will testify). Mark Birtles Project are set to release their debut full length record in April 2007 entering them into a new world of setting themselves apart from other bands by record.

I suppose MBP could be lumped along with other two-guitar Gang of Four-esk bands, but it's definitely not on purpose (and has a lot more to do with how MBP's approach to their instruments has evolved and less directly ripping off {in fact! Blake Betteridge stopped listening to music while writing the new MBP album to be as free from influence as possible}).

Mark Birtles Project are set to release their debut full length record on Edmonton's Rectangle Records (to be distributed by Universal Canada). It was produced by Bryan Kulba (The Wolfnote, Shout Out Out Out Out co-producer). The record is a huge step forward for the band artistically and it should lead the band to their bright future as Can-indy-rock darlings.

MBP has been featured on Much Music's Going Coastal and Canadian College Radio. They've toured Canada two times!


*Valley Rock EP (2004): Independent
*Urgency! Urgency! Emergency!!! EP (2005) Rectangle Records. (reached 46 on National college charts.)
*Art Crime LP (2007)

Set List

Mark Birtles Project are as exciting live as any other band, but they can only play for so long. A normal MBP set lasts around 25 - 35 minutes.

Here's a sample set list:
1: Art Crime is a Crime
2: You Can Get Anything You Want With a Gun
3: To the Coast
4: Oh Mon Dieu!
5: Feel Nice
6: Pyramids
7: Head Drop Stomp
8: Big Trouble at the Renissance Faire
9: Lie to Me
10: The Chain (It's a Fleetwood Mac cover!)