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Mark Bonnici

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Lyrics which capture life's struggles and joys and music which expresses these emotions.

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Left With No Goodbyes

Written By: Mark Bonnici

I knew the sun today
was hiding in the clouds
I was leaning on my window
my silence suffering the sounds

Remembering that moment
when you held me up so high
but I didn't understand then
that you were never one to cry

well you put me down and grabbed your hat
to hide those welling eyes
and you walked away without a word
and you left with no goodbyes

Well you left after just a little while
just before the day turned night
you left without a whisper
you left with no goodbyes
and through the eyes of innocence
there's no understanding why
you left without a whisper,
you left with no good byes

I want so bad to say I love you
just once to mend the pain
I want to put my arms around you
but anger always deals restraint
now I'm haunted by the memories
and thoughts of how I should've tried
but as it was when we got angry
love and affection ran to hide

so instead of saying sorry
and standing by each other's side
I walked away with no regrets
and you left with no goodbyes


I remember once you told me
that all the good die young
and the world was for the children
and life comes from the sun
My only one regret to this day
was my pride
never telling all I felt
before you left with no goodbyes