Mark Cardboard

Mark Cardboard


All my songs are seem to come to me at odd times and they are more or less complete there and then, I cannot force a song it just flows!


I am is a student of music and in a college band that is starting to gig regularly. I write and record my own music at home and I am currently building enough material to gig acoustically. "I think music is the only thing that silences the demons"

Why Mark Cardboard?
Cardboards tougher than paper, Marks my first name! I had a job working at a place folding
boxes all day, there is a lot of cardboard in this world, some people had worked there for years, madness!

I have played a couple of acoustic sets at a local folk club, playing solo is real scary! But I wanna do it a lot more



Written By: Mark Bayfield

sitting, messed up waiting on the edge of something stay cool stay cool but only for yourself now i know where the lost have been so I go deeper to find me
what would i know about other peoples agendas when all the good things are just memories and all the rest of it adds up to nothing
now i know where the lost have been so i go deeper to find me
i told her i lived in a cave but its more like a tunnel who tells you where to put yourself now i know where the lost have been


The Demo Cd is done, I have updated the mixes, check'em out, send me an Email, get a CD!

Set List

I currently have about a half hours worth of material with a couple of covers, I always start with my song Blindfold and the rest is what order I decide after that!