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"Dave's 'Cashology' album review 2011 - Wow!"

Wow! Where on earth have these guys been hiding out over the years??? Hailing from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys have delivered one of the finest rock albums to surface in Australia in a long time. After just one listen to ‘Cashology’ you’ll be realizing that these guys really do deserve to be on a world stage.
Early on the album doesn’t promise much. There is a semi-interesting intro read by Johnny Boxer (better known as Bobo to fans of the TV Show ‘Fat Pizza’) and then comes opening track ‘Ramifications’…a track you’re not going to like unless you really like your rock with a fair dose of gruffness.
But then the magic happens. When you hear Mark Cashin’s actual singing voice on ‘Ordinary People’ you’ll wonder why the hell he ever experimented with the ‘gruffness’ anyway. He sounds amazing and as a result ‘Ordinary People’ is a great sounding rock track that is begging for radio play. Cashin then continues to genre-hop with hard rock styling’s of ‘Exloded Like A Gun’ and the punk-sound of ‘Days Of Our Lives’. Both tracks work well with the latter a must for anyone who has been/or is a nerd at school.
The magic continues with the piano driven ‘Set In Stone’ that really showcases some amazing songwriting ability, as does the slow but beautiful ballad, ‘The Sweetest Angel’. The fun, catchy ‘Hollywood’ is a hit in the making and you can expect it to hear on a radio station near you soon. If DJ’s don’t pick up this track then they are doing the rock community a major disservice.
Mark Cashin’s songwriting brilliance is once again on show with the beautiful and thought-provoking ballad ‘Good Company’ while the mix of electronic starts of ‘Push Me Away’ and ‘Your Lover’ give way to yet more great rock. ‘Cashology’ then closes with the brilliant pop-rock sound of ‘California’ and a piece of entertaining album-filler ‘The End’.
Despite a shaky beginning ‘Cashology’ becomes a brilliant rock album, an album that all rock fans must hunt down and add to their collection. This album should guarantee Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys are noticed not only in Australia but also in the tough American market. This is rock music at its best!
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
- Dave Griffiths - Subculture Entertainment

"Mark Cashin - Bed of Light (Album Review)"

Mark Cashin - Bed of Light
Album Review
by MJ | 2008 Tuesday, June 24

Mark Cashin’s all-bloke rock band the casually misspelled Lil Hussy’s, share their lil title with one of his songs Lil Hussy. That’s both convenient AND confidence building. There are also tracks like Touch You Again, Trust in You, Me and You, Now U Are Gone and You, You, You, You and I. Okay, not quite the last one. I can’t take the piss out of Central Coast New South Welshman Mark Cashin. Why? Most of the time, he’s just too good. Despite the raging ego, matching red sunglasses and quite possibly sticky hair, there’s something about Mark. Maybe it’s his experience in music and life combined that when given the time of day, helps get him over the line. “Keep on goin’” he says in the liner notes, “never give in no matter what!” Fair enough, at this rate the premiership’s a fuckin’ cakewalk.
Cashin employs a wealth of serious production values on this his debut CD after some twenty years floating somewhere in the biz, followed by a car accident that he says “snapped me into thinking… do something”. I can think of far less dangerous ways to boost your career but this one seems to work for him. With pianos and strings and synths abound, some of these songs lose part of their body-moving live sound in favour of a more finger tapping, radio friendly one. This is after all a carefully manufactured product, catering to a fickle market with a short attention span. Cue underrated artist sales figures? I don’t know - this guy seems pretty motivated. Think I’ll go for a drive…

"Who….Hit the Landsdowne Hotel Sunday nite….???."

Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s
Rock‘N’ Roll they are 2008’s
Finest Sound

Landsdowne Hotel, Sydney Australia Gig review Sunday 23rd Nov

Who….Hit the Landsdowne Hotel Sunday nite….???.

Its no surprise that the Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s take the NSW pub rock scene by storm…..after only recently returning from their Sunshine State tour…..the amazing write & mastery of the Bed of Light album was performed with a force no one was walking away from…but plenty flocked in to..

Front man Mark Cashin Central Coast’s Australia’s own singer songwriter captured the crowd with his charismatic showmanship & brilliant vocal ability that just blew these Sunday niters away, while accompanied by dynamic excellence of the Lil Hussy’s band pulled a tight sound & great stage performance this 5pc ripped the Landsdowne Hotel…..this was the place to be on Sunday nite.

While playing to a mixed crowd of Sydney Sunday nite dinner goers…bevee indulgers……random walk ins, weathered music lovers & yes a few industry ppl that made it through the rain…Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s are the upcoming band to look out for on the NSW music circuit.

So where next for these guys…????
Being referred to having sound as Stone Temple Pilots & Live…while sitting alongside artists as Queen, U2, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam being played in prime time on x30 US radio stations throughout L.A, North Carolina & New York & receiving onshore airplay in Australia… Australia wake up & get to a show & see whatz in your back yard...these guys kick it and if you don’t know who these guys are…check it out……support Australian music….after all we are Auzzies…with the best of everthing in our lap.

2008 / 2009 upcoming shows:
2nd Jan Entrance Diggers Club…..28th Jan Lizottes plus 3rd April Doyalson RSL & 11th April Landsdowne Hotel Sydney…
9th Dec 2008: 5TCBFM radio interview
17th Jan 2009 radio with DJ bigdaddyK 2rrrFM radio 7pm studio interview….
So tune in Australia to the finest sounds we have upcoming from our shores & support these guys they deserve it.
2009 Tour – April/May Melbourne ….. & late 2009 L.A America.

Rachy 2008


Review 29th Oct 2008
Review: Ikatulka

Mark Cashin and The Lil Hussy’s

Woke me up with their explosive rock numbers, these guys were a real surprise package. They took the stage looking like they’d just stepped off a pirate ship, but delivered surprisingly rich acoustic rock numbers in the vein of Fuel or Stone Temple Pilots. Mark Cashin is a charismatic frontman, and his supporting musicians are all top notch. All the right elements were there, and I was sorry to see their set end.
- Ikatulka - 29th Oct 2008

"Rockin @ the Diggers 2009"

Rockin @ the Diggers 2009

Central Coast NSW Australia

This Friday night 8pm on the 2nd Jan 2009 at Diggers Club the Entrance welcomes the return of Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s to the Central Coast NSW music circuit. Recent credits from these guys include Richard Clapton support plus many successful Sydney & QLD shows & festivals.

At present Mark Cashins’ album Bed of Light is gaining daily airplay onshore & over 30 radio stations overseas in L.A, North Carolina & New York where theses guys will be heading to tour in mid 2009.

So where to while down under for the band…???.....April & May 2009 brings a fully booked tour for Melbourne to their ever growing fanbase….which is getting stronger after appearing at Melbourne’s own Noise T.V.

Whispers have it that Cashin has penned a new song called `California ` for his upcoming album which is to be released on the return to Australia from L.A in August 2009.

`California` will be performed at the Diggers Club alongside the popular trax from his first album `Bed of Light` plus support bands appearing on the night are X band Cohodyblama teenage rock band now know as Underscore suiting their new fronting female vocalist also appearing is Live & Original’s own Ben Roberts Ensemble.

If you haven’t heard Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussy’s or seen them perform get along to the show while they are still our country. There is a fab new range of merchandise as girls & guys shirts & Bed of Light CD’s are also available.

Meanwhile feel free to visit to hear some trax, see some pix, or maybe just to say hi.

- RgM management

"Music Box - Mark Cashin"

Music Box

Central Coast-based musician Mark Cashin has a big year ahead.
As well as performing a run of dates along the east coast, he is planning a tour to the US, where songs off his album Bed of Light have found a place in the hearts of American listeners.
“They’ve been playing my stuff everyday,: he told LIVE
“I’ve got 30 stations who’ve taken the first song, Black and Blue, and really gone with it now they are adding some of the other songs to the playlist.”
Ahead of his L.A shows, which will see Cashin perform at The Viper Room & “the Whiskey” (Whiskey A Go Go on Sunset Strip California), he has shows planned for the Central Coast & Melbourne.
He also hoped to do some Newcastle shows in late May before heading abroad in April.
Cashin cut his teeth in the industry performing vocals in The Australian Pearl Jam Show, and bands Smashed Palace and Splurge.
But it took a brush with death to motivate him to knuckle down to write and record the long awaited Bed of Light.

“Its really gratifying that something has started to happen with my stuff, it took a long time, and unfortunately it took a head on car crash”
Cashin was returning from a gig in Coff’s Harbour about four years ago when he had the accident.
“That week I started to write the album.” “I crossed the line, man, I was ready to kiss the maker,” he laughed.
“Iits funny how in three seconds you can fit so much into what you think about – I just prepared myself to die.”
He was lucky to escape major injury, and over the following 2 ½ years, he worked to perfect Bed of Light.
“I wasn’t happy until it was perfect. Its all blood, sweat and tears this one.”
The adult contemporary rock album was proudly produced by Simon Tonx, who has worked with Midnight Oil, Noiseworks and Silverchair, as well as recording live concerts for Billy Joel, Cindi Lauper, Jeff Buckley.
Cashin recently signed to Foghorn Records and has already begun writing songs for another album.
Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussy’s perform at the Entrance Diggers tomorrow night 2nd Jan 2009 with supports Underscore & Ben Roberts Ensemble Trio from 7pm entry is free.

Press Release: Newcastle NSW Australia
Newcastle Herald
Thursday Jan 1st 2009
- Music Box - Newcastle Herald NSW Australia

"Xposed Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys Australian Musician Mag 2009"

Xposed – Australian Musician Magazine 2009 Winter Indie Edition

partial extract only

They say sometimes a significant event has to happen in life for you to finally head in the right direction, and this was certainly the case for singer songwriter Mark Cashin.

The New South Wales based musician was performing around the traps in heavy rock bands, and even took the fronting role of the Australian Pearl Jam show, before a head on car crash changed his outlook on life.
The honesty in his songs seems to appeal to audiences, and through his live performances he’s earning himself an ever increasing fan base.
“I like writing about real stuff, but giving it an abstract twist in lyrics so that I know what it means, but everyone else can relate to it and take it upon themselves and what it means.” With these ideals in mind, he is already working on his next album, a project he hopes to see through to fruition by November. Having just returned from his comprehensive tour of Melbourne and heading over to the US for some showcase gigs, he is busy organising pre-production of the as yet untitled release. Unlike ‘Bed of Light’, which he penned independently, this time Mark will bring his band The Lil Hussys into the song writing realm and work out the instrumentation with them. “ I don’t have a radio in my car, so I am constantly going through new things in my head,” he says. “If anything it is worth it, it will keep knocking on my door and eventually I will make something out of it.”

Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys ‘Bed of Light’ album is out now.

By Eva Roberts
- Eva Roberts Australian Musician Winter 2009

"Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys perform at Sydney Homeless Charity Event 2010"

To Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys,

On behalf of Sydney Homeless Connect, the organizing team, and most
importantly from the homeless of Sydney that attended our inaugural
event, thank you, thank you, thank you!

When I first heard the song "Ordinary People" I just knew I needed to
have you involved in the event. When I heard you'd be prepared to
drive all the way to Sydney and do this for us I was thrilled. Nothing
prepared me for the outcome on the day!

It was just amazing how you guys got stuck in and really took the
event to a new level. To then add the donation of your CDs to help us
drive addition fund-raising on the day was amazing. Just this gesture
added nearly $500 more to our cause and is invaluable to us.

Lastly, I thought you guys might have played a 40 minute set and then
called it a day, but people kept remarking all day how great the band
was outside, and I now understand you played all day. What an amazing

So from the whole team, thanks. You didn't just play a few songs, you
changed a whole lot of lives!

Warm regards,


Andrew Everingham
Sydney Homeless Connect
Mob - 0416016666 - Andrew Everingham - Director - Sydney Homeless Connect

"New decade....New sound...New album... CASHOLOGY"

Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys deliver a new sound to a new decade with their new aptly named rock album ‘CASHOLOGY’.

After establishing their status worldwide with the 1st album Bed of Light’ & the early release single ‘California’ off the 2nd album ‘CASHOLOGY’ their ever growing popularity prevails reaching 40 States in the USA while being picked up by UK, ASIA, Australian & European Radio & TV networks.

‘CASHOLOGY’ (the sophomore release) is an ambitious undertaking a bold statement they clearly know what they are doing when it comes to compiling brilliant rock music.

This band has a great track record of providing a solid rock sound & live performance by engaging the audience like only the best entertainers in the business can do.

‘CASHOLOGY’ forms an articulated blend, an infusion of melodic & classic rock hooks with a straight ahead rock flavour capturing those iconic rock sounds delivered by a world class band Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys.

‘CASHOLOGY’ will be available worldwide via iTunes and select record stores or through contacting the band directly after their album launch on 22nd May 2010 @ the famous Doyalson RSL NSW Australia.

For additional band details visit: - RgM Management - Press Release new album

"Cashology at the house of Reverb Publisher"

Mark Cashin and a number of Lil Hussys visited the house of reverb publisher, Kevin bull, a few weeks ago with an unmastered version of his new release, Cashology, for a listening party. What started out as a couple of hours of loud music turned into much beer and champagne being drunk, the barbecue being lit, and two messy ladies that had to be tucked into bed. so what does Cashology sound like? mark has stepped back into his rock roots -- this is a slap in the face that represents his live performances far better. Catch mark Cashin and the Lil Hussys [sic] at Lizotte's, Kincumber on Wednesday, May 5, and the official album launch at the Doyalson rSL on Saturday, May 22. - Kevin Bull - Reverb Street Press

"Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s Route 31 Dandenong Vic April 2009"

Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy's Performance Review
Route 31 Dandenong Vic Aust
Friday April 24, 2009
It is certain that there are some great bands around and some incredible musical talent. Some, being the word and them some are as rare as hen’s teeth. So in saying this, I must add, Mark Cashin and his incredible band, ‘The Lil Hussy’s’ are a golden Hens tooth.
What a punchy, rip it out, exact and well rehearsed band. Watching Mark Cashin and his band on stage, I was left thinking of the other dime a dozen sticks on stage and how only a minimal few can actually perform. I’m talking about lyrical ability, musical ability and also the ability to put on a true show for the people. Genuine ambidextrous qualities both mentally and physically.
Energetic, superstar, rock god movements and amazing microphone usage compel the eye and ear to stay just where they are, fixated on the stage, just wondering what The Lil Hussy’s will do next. Did I mention Professional? Bands, please, take a leaf out of Mark Cashin’s book, this is the kind of band that other bands want to be like. 1,000 Lil hussy’s, but there is only one in the end.

It is easy to explain what makes this band so very good, but it is also hard to explain unless you have had the luxury of seeing them live. Concert status, touring status and label status. This band does not have much more they can do to get any better, except work on getting even better.

Any venue owner that would not consider Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s for live performance must surely have rocks in their head. This is one act you need to book; this is one act that you need to hold dear to your heart because one day very soon they will be massive. Bands as professional as this can only head in one direction, and that is up.
A dream to work with, what amazing people offstage as well as on stage. A true dream, oh if only there were more around with such incredible persona and confidence in their presence on stage. These guys know what they are doing and exercise it down to the nth’ degree.
After all is said and done, all of the above makes perfect sense as to their trip to America, they have something to show the World, and they are going to do it well. Praise this act now because very soon there will be a trail of dust as they head in to the sunset of their future.
Guys!! You are welcome back anytime. Just say the word.
What a real pleasure.

Sarah Pearce
MMAPP Band management and Promotion

- Sarah Pearce MMAPP Band management & Promotion


'Bed of Light' debut album is a 16 track CD numerous tracks are being played worldwide.

'Cashology' is a 13 track CD sophomore album for Mark Cashin & the first album with his band The Lil Hussys.

The early released single 'California' is fastracking its way internationally since its release.

In 2010:
Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys music is A Listed by international worldwide radio stations getting daily rotational airplay.

VH 1 upcoming series 'Killing Time' selects music for their series soundtrack.

'Ordinary People' 2010 single is placed as documentary soundtrack for Homelessness in Australia.

'California' is listed in the top 50 on Global Radio Charts while 'California' also hits No # 1 on the Australian Indie Radio Charts in Dec 2009.

All music to date is available on itunes with distribution via MGM.

In 2008 Mark Cashin signs with Indie Label Foghorn Records & also appoints RgM for independent management
marketing & promotions.

The music video 'California' is viewable on youtube,
while Jay Jay TV in Europe, Rage ABC tv & Landed Music on Southern Cross TEN in Australia plus various internet sites are presently streaming & airing the video clip 'California' in 2010.

Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys music catalogue is ever growing while their popularity is increasing & in 2010 are now receiving rotational airplay worldwide throughout various countries as: Australia, America, Europe & Asia via commercial, college & community radio networks.

CASHOLOGY album is a milestone to a greater rock sound with new band members a new sound & a new album.

Cashology - CD album
California - CD single
Bed of Light - CD album

Compilation CDs:
Grow Your Own - Upload 3
Label: Foghorn - Australia

Sounds like Cafe - Love
'Love Song'
Label: Foghorn - Australia

Acoustika - Vol 7
'Black & Blue'
Label: 272 Records - USA

Plus many more.



Mark Cashin is an Australian recording touring artist, lead singer / frontman & principal founder of Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys.
From an early age Mark discovered music...listening to great albums & performing in various bands drumming, singing & playing guitar over the years - developing his craft enabling him to turn his stories into songs that everyone can sing along to.

Bringing diversity with a unique blend of styles to a new decade of music while attracting 1000 plus crowds at both album launches ‘Bed of Light’ & ‘Cashology’ hosting sold out shows & selling in excess of 6000 albums independently & their own merchandise lines, its not surprising there is a new album on the way with another Australian tour on the table & international touring in the pipeline.

Aussie pop rock band deliver a ground breaking debut album ‘Bed of Light’ in 2007, as founding member & principle songwriter Mark Cashin draws from a wealth of life experiences, perspectives & interludes each song is unique yet definitively colorful, diverse & melodic.

This is evident as the first single ‘Black & Blue’ becomes the introduction to a greater audience during 2007 being picked up by USA Radio / Error Fm & 272 Records Hollywood benchmarks their music to the International market.

While international airplay is not foreign for Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys their 2009 early released single & music video ‘California’ captivates American hearts & hits 40 states in USA gaining strong follow up spins by radio stations & TV networks worldwide.

‘Cashology’ the sophomore album launched in May 2010 fast tracks its way internationally as Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys are A listed by radio stations gaining major daily airplay worldwide throughout USA, UK, Europe, Australia & Asia.

Standing strong with two music videos in circulation both from the ‘Cashology’ album ‘Ordinary People’ the latest single in 2010 hits international TV & Radio airwaves while at home picked up by Australian commercial radio stations as SEA Fm & Power Fm as their official music clip makes its way onto Australia’s popular music TV programs as Rage, Landed Music & Max TV features ‘Ordinary People’ alongside iconic artists new music video releases by; Christina Aguilera, Michael Buble, Seal, Kt Tunstall & Crowded House.

The start of 2011 kicked off with performances for many charity events to raise funds & awareness to a variety of different causes while the month of March places Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys on tour with The CHOIRBOYS for their 30th Anniversary tour.

Having worked with many other great Australian artists as Mental As Anything & Richard Clapton showcasing their music throughout Australian venues.

Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys are a fresh high energy melodic group bringing a powerful essence of sound to a new decade. These guys have a great track record of providing brilliant live performances & are evolving as one of Australia’s finest rock acts in the global music scene.

Influences drawn from: Supertramp, The Police, Queen, Wings, The Sweet, Tom Petty, Ozzy, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Chilli Peppers, Green just so many more..