Mark Cassidy

Mark Cassidy


Emotional. Energentic. Passionate. Honest. Dynamic.


Toronto native Mark Cassidy is a gifted singer and songwriter. Over the past year Mark has been performing his unique blend of folk/pop for audiences in and around his home town. Primarily focusing on developing his craft of writing and performing. Opting for the intimacy and intensity of a solo voice and guitar. Further allowing him to connect more intimately with his audience.

Prior to this Mark had spent 3 years traveling across Canada and through The United States playing on college and university campus’. Between 2005 and 2006 Mark was selected by COCA in Canada and NACA in The US to showcase 6 times for student activities programmers. Based on these performances Mark was able to put together multiple tours throughout North America.

In 2007 Mark recorded a 4 song EP entitled “The Smack EP”. From this EP Mark made a video for the lead song “Ordinary Dreams”. The video was picked up by BRAVO Videos in Canada. It had over 300 plays nationally enabling Mark to further widen his audience. Also in that year Mark entered “Ordinary Dreams” in the Billboard Songwriting Competition in the pop category. Although he was not awarded the top prized he did finish first runner up. Encouraged by some minor success Mark continued to write and perform locally and beyond.

These experiences have allowed Mark to mature as an artist and as an individual. His stage show repertoire has grown. His most recent compositions are emotionally charged reflections on his past, his present and his future. In 2010 he hopes to return to more extensive touring to expand his growing audience. In the final days of 2009 Mark recorded 2 acoustic demos of his most current material. This will certainly lead to a completely new release in 2010.



Written By: Mark Cassidy

The road ain't paved with gold, I know
but what I don't know is if I can cope
a darkened cloud is hanging over me
and I don't own a raincoat

Days go by and I can't find
a reason to go on
and you came around the corner
and you showed me how to find
peace of my life

When you are young and free, so full of green
it's hard to see beyond the trees
when all the ones, they just lead me on
you're here today and they're all gone

Days go by and I can't find
a reason to go on
and you came around the corner
and you showed me how to find
peace of my life

I'm so glad you've saved me from digging this hole
you helped me to see what I couldn't before
when down comes the weight of the world on a string
and you and I struggle to keep everything
from crumbling down to the ground

I'm going to ride it out with you
I'm so tired and I'm slowly falling away
from my dreams, from my dreams
and I'm going to wake up
I'm going to wake up


The Smack EP

Set List

Ordinary Dreams
Come Home Slow
The Ballad of Worker #9
Home Again