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Mark Chynoweth


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Stoke the Big Smoke

Written By: Mark Chynoweth (a.k.a Marco Rank)

When I get the blues I put on my walkin’ shoes and shuffle down the middle of the city with that sizzle
King gets it on at Queen if you know what I mean
Where the Gardiner shapes the landscape carving up the scene
They come from far and wide to partake in our something
I’m tired of hearing about New York, Paris and London

All hail Roncesvales Polski Ogorki by the bale
Slink through High Park after dark just for a lark
Late night at the Dragon for some Chicken Won Ton
Hit a club at Richmond to get my mojo on
Pad Thai one on down at the Queen Mum
I’m going to funky cold Spadina to get some Dim Sum

Old T.O. was once the town of York
We call it Hogtown. We used to deal in pork
Now, we trade in paper in the towers on Bay
The Leafs ain’t won since 67, but not for lack of trying
Heart and soul, “In the Skin of A Lion.”

It ain’t all that bad but we call it Christie Pits
They never lie in Scarborough. Bluffs are really cliffs.
You hit Korean row for some Bi Bim Bap
Get in on Critical Mass riding with the cops
Talking about the T-dot and I’m rainbow proud to say
When you go to Church, everybody’s gay

QEW, 401, and the DVP,
Surround our modern Babel, a home to you and me
Multi-culti haven, we just throw it in the mix.
Call it what you will: “New York run by the Swiss”
Sticks and stones, and names and bones, whatever means to rate you

You know you got it right when everybody hates you.