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This band has not uploaded any videos



"nexus radio"

Bobby please don't kill me. I want to annonce that The DEN O' SIN is going to play The LAST weekly recording of MARK CLOUTIER and his take on one of his ost recent songs. I Hate to be suspensful but if you missed it, you really got to tune in. IF you are a fan of the Dirty Pool-double barrel blues band and/or Mark you simply must hear this. If you like blues ripping blood and tears you MUST HEAR THIS.

Sorry, Bobby, no hijack meant! I would not mind a testomonial from any cats that heard Mark tonight. And again bro you hit VERY high numbers. - matty highwater

"they are listening"

mark easton wrote:::::::: It sure is MEAN! Mean tone man! I really like your playing. Even though most people (especially on songplanet) consider me a rocker, I've been touring and recording with a Blues band (Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze) for over 20 years, so I know a "Tini Wini Bit" about the Blues. I also had the pleasure/privilege of playing in bands with two of the greatest Blues musicians I've ever met, Kennard Johnson & Charles Calamese from the James Cotton Band. They were, IMHO the greatest Blues rhythm sections ever to come out of Chicago!
Anyway, just wanted to extend my appreciation for your playing. GREAT stuff man! Keep 'em coming!
Mark Easton
Easton Brothers Band
Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze
hi i love the blues and you will hear many guitar instrumentals!!

ya never know who can be listening:::: a friend nigel potter mentioned this to me!!!made my day:::::::::::

A freind of mine,after I directed him to your track said:
"He has THE sound"

This gentleman is a top top man.
Works from time to time in abbey road studios,has had a band in the top 5,music known all across the world.

When folks like him sit up and take notice,you KNOW it's the real deal.

Top notch mate.


- nigel potter-mark easton

"soundclick review"

spirit of jimi...
You see,it will out! :)
Band of gypsies....
Ah man,what an album they did at the filmore....
Youa re flying mate,unlike anyone else that even comes close.
All the more power to you mate,kiss the skies :)



- nigel potter

"hookergreen-man is the blues"

Hey Man -
"MANIC OBSESSION" - ->SUPERB. I really admire your perfect technique and passion. To listen to that song makes me breathless -what a guitar playing !!!! You are great Mark!
- eric kuhn


Great tune Mark;
'Bon Voyage'-; Most cool playing; man, it's so great to hear your amazing versatilty, playing very well like them Chicago cats,-you got that soul;---- this tune is so nifty with the interplay of guitars,
one letting go and the other taking over and then one following the others patterns. Very cool Mark. Most relaxing laid back "true to the blues music" Most fine indeed. Love it.
Thanks for the inspiration.
- vesa peltenon

"joe rapster"

well after hearing the first 1/2 chorus i was hittin the hot button.. then the radio.. I know all good bluesmen out there will relize this is one of the best blues they've ever heard mark.. well ok.. that's just he way I hear it then.. it is SO funky.. so intelligently phrase and paced.. sweet.. lyrical.. varied.. this is one of faves all time bro and I'm buyin it.. an honor to know you the artist personally baby.. dam erik.. is this the shizzle mang? damn I loved this
since i was born man.. kudos.. kisses.. ah. for the MRS.. :-)
- joe rapster

"mean ass blues"

Mean Ass Blues
welcome to the stage the one and only....Mark C with that sig geetar...yu know I can't live without this sort of geetar..takes me back to Buddy Guy concerts and Albert Collins this is upfront blues with ATTITUDE
Love it
- pete muzakmen

"fellow musician collab"

Man I am soooo digging has restored my faith in my songs and your playing is just so damn is like you have so many dimensions to your playing

Yu wanna load it anywhere? I’ll do soundclick thi9s time?

Pete needs coffee

3:36 and 1:46 and heaps of highlights man

just recorded my guitar work on pete's new song--- - pete muzakmen-mark cloutier


many many tracks have been played on radio and nexus radio..just played live on abc television on rick and julie-bridge street show...many of my past bands blues music has been aired on fm 88-tom townsley blues show!we played live on NPR radio as well!!!



i have played the central new york club scene and many blues fests across new york..notably the new york state blues fest,chenango blues fest,alexandria blues in the bay,hosted the famous dinosaur bbq blues jam from 1997-2000 ,and was voted best blues guitarist in central new york blues connection magazine in can listen to my music on!!! intense blues and some cool shuffles!!