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Mark Cottrell

York, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

York, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"A Chat With Mark Cottrell"

starting writing songs at the age of 10 and 6 years later formed a musical partnership with Steve Oswald which lasted for 12
years. His first live performance was with 6 piece jam-band Keith Burton’s All-Stars in 1994 (2 drummers, 2 guitarists, a
bassist & a saxophonist). Also in 1994 Mark formed Raw Essentials with C, John Freeborn. They met in a record shop in
Ilford, Essex and recorded an album, ‘The Green Rush’. Freeborn later collaborated with Cottrell again on his 2004 album,
‘Loop’ & Mark’s ‘Ex-Scapegoat’.
Time has gained ground and we are now with Mark ten years later in 2004, saw the release of “Ex-Scapegoat”, Mark's first
CD of the 21st century. 18 songs and 52 minutes long, the album featured many of Cottrell’s best songs from the previous 10
years. Launch night was at Filthy MacNasty’s Whiskey Bar in Islington, London.
2005 saw the artist perform many times at the notorious Duke of Clarence in Islington, twice at The Steeles, Chalk Farm;
twice at The Wilmington, Islington; twice at The Boogaloo, Highgate (including a performance of Ian Dury’s ‘Plaistow
Patricia’ with Shane Macgowan) & Phil Lynott’s memorial at The Westbury in Dublin alongside Jason Swindle, Thin Lizzy
& Wheatus.
2007 proved to be Cottrell’s most productive yet, including a nomination for an INDY award. He co-wrote & co-produced 2
albums in the 28 days of February, Neutral Sons eponymous debut and Weeping Sores ‘Fake Right Arm’ (with Andy
Golding from Trad Arr).
March has seen the second Neutral Sons CD ‘The Ballad of Ariel Piccolo’ & the first of Mark’s albums written on the road,
‘King Gooski & The Honey Buns’. Already hailed by some as ‘a masterpiece’ & ‘a compelling work of genius’, the album
comprises 17 tracks written in the U.S.A. The second ‘road’ album half of the way through and should appear in mid 2010.
May saw Cottrell’s first appearance at Rock ‘n Roll Cabaret at the Dublin Castle in Camden with new band The Chacers,
with whom he has written many new songs and promise to be a hot tip for 2010. The latter stages of 2009 have been busy
for Mark as he has recorded 2 new Rabbi tracks, 3 Betty Woz Ere demos and several new Chacers demos. November saw
Mark's first performance with a loop pedal which he used on 'Build 'em Up, Knock 'em Down'. He has since started working
up a set based around the pedal. 10 live acoustic tracks have been recorded at The Jam Factory studio in York which will
become part of a new album in 2010.
Mark's music has also been featured in the Book Trailer Videos “Sweet Serenity One” and “Love And Laughter After The
Tears” for Author Debbie Nicholson, along with the music for her Official Author Video and Promotions Company. Mark
also provided the music for Author Joshua McCoy.
Now Mark has taken time out of his whirl wind schedule to chat a few minutes and answer some questions about his career.

CB: What genre would you put your music in?
Mark: I call it 'Experimental Folk Punk' but I like to incorporate different genres into my music, such
as psychedelia, blues, dub, soul, rock, electronica, hip hop.
CB: Who are the major influences in your music?
Mark: My late Uncle's Peter band, The Transatlantics were a big influence on me. They released a few
45's in the mid 60's. I had a couple of their records as a kid and played them to death. The Beach Boys
and The Beatles were also massive influences as a young boy. I love “Good Vibrations”especially with
the eerie noises and harmony. Brain Wilson's experimental approach was something that left a huge
impression on me.
Then I discovered punk and ska when I was 7 or 8 and that really helped me to discover my own
personality. Punk made it easy for people to aspire to express themselves through music as a lot of the
bands were self-taught and could only play a few chords. The ska revival in 1979 was a perfect blend
of the energy of punk with great dance music from the street.
CB: Where does your inspiration come from to create your songs?
Mark: Lyrically it can come from anywhere. A memory, a book, an interview, a television programme,
people you meet. My latest way of composing lyrics is 'Auto-writing' which consists of me typing
continuously for 5 minutes then cutting/pasting lines that work together into separate documents
Musically it comes from all over the place too. A drum beat, a guitar riff, a melody in my head. I tend
to hear the whole arrangement once I've got the initial idea.
CB: Of all the songs you have recorded so far, which is your favorite and why?
Mark: At the moment it's 'Ao Nang'. A song from my next solo album. I do 4 part harmony on it and
it's got a lovely guitar melody too. Just a really 'up' summer tune that I wrote in Thailand in 2008.
Usually whatever song I'm working on at the time is my favorite.
CB: Where would you like to see yourself in five years?
Mark: Traveling the world spreading the Cottrell vibe!
Hopefully some of the projects I'm working on now will have gained some recognition. I've produced 2
albums so far this year and there are at least 4 more to go.
CB: What is the one thing you hope persons take away from your music?
Mark: My love of music. It's an international language after all?
CB: Do you have any advice for new artists?
Mark: Don't be a sheep - follow your own path if you want to be truly happy. Try not to get too hung
up on what's 'cool'. Allow yourself to be inspired by whatever you see around you.
CB: Who does your album cover designs?
Mark: I do. I love the whole process of making an album and the cover is an important part of that
CB: What instruments do you play if any?
Mark: Mainly guitar but I try my hand at anything - drums, bass, piano, melodica, ukulele, kazoo...I'm
usually able to play what I hear in my head on whatever instruments are laying around.
CB: Where do you record?
Mark: Anywhere that will have me! Usually at home. I have a Boss Micro BR digital recorder that I
bought in Boston, MA. It's been all over the world with me. I usually record everything on that and
then mix the tracks on a free down-loadable program called Audacity.
CB: How involved are you in the process of recording your songs?
Mark: From start to finish, right the way through.
CB: Is there anyone you would like to thank or acknowledge in your life?
Mark: Everyone with whom I've played music and anyone I've shared intimate moments with.
And all of those people who told me to give up years ago. Haha! - Cherokee Blessings

"Mark Cottrell - Hitting The Music Waves"

Mark Cottrell has been obsessed with music all his life as it shows through his numerous talents from singer to songwriter, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. Marks high-spirited persona comes through his music which has the reach of acoustic folk to garage punk with ingredients of hip hop, electronic, jazz and numerous other genres blended into his own magical mixing pot.

Extraordinary solo artist Mark had recorded his first BBC session and interview. Several independent radio shows have dedicated hour long music shows hosting his music.

In 2011 at ATM York he had won “Performing Musician of the Year” and his engaging live performances has had him nominated twice for Indy Award.

Marks talents do not stop there as he records and performs with the electric collective The Scapegoat and is guitarist and singer with the Chacers. He is also the producer, arranger and accompanist for Betty Wozere and The Rabbi.

Mark is a member of Neutral Sons and has been accompanist for singer songwriters Kirby Howarth, Kim Smith, Cedellah, Helen Heath among many others.

Mark is aiding several other up and coming artists and is bringing a an array of new projects in 2012.

He has graced the cover Cherokee Blessings Magazine in July 2010. For the issue a sit down informal talk of Marks career had been highlighted.

His new songs include I Know Where The Thrills Are Found and Maid of the Mist.

You can hear Marks music on Sound Cloud and catch up with the artist himself on Facebook.
- All Voices


Solo releases:
11/01/2011 - LP - 'EX-SCAPEGOAT' (YAYA02)
11/01/2011 - LP - 'THE LATE MARK COTTRELL' (YAYA03)
15/11/2011 - SINGLE - 'SPACE TAKER' (YA01)
19/12/2011 - LP - 'KING GOOSKI & THE HONEY BUNS' (YAYA08)
25/12/2011 - LP - 'LONG GONE SONGS' (YAYA09)

25/10/2010 - LP - 'STUNNING DEBUT ALBUM' [by The Chacers] (YAYA01)
03/2011 - LP - 'THE IMPLIED' [by Neutral Sons] (YAYA04)
01/04/2011 - LP - 'BETTY'S EXTRAVAGANZA' [by Betty Woz 'ere] (YAYA05)
06/2011 - LP - 'THE SCAPEGOAT & HIS IMAGINARY FRIENDS' [by The Scapegoat] (YAYA06)
06/2011 - LP - 'CODEINE & WHISKEY' [by The Scapegoat] (YAYA07)
09/12/2011 - SINGLE - 'I BLOODY LOVE CHRISTMAS' [by Betty Woz 'ere] (YA02)



Singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist MARK COTTRELL has been obsessed with music all of his life. This comes across in the playfulness of his music which ranges from acoustic folk to garage punk with elements of sixties pop, hip hop, electronica, jazz and many other genres stirred into the magical musical melting pot.

December 2011 sees Mark releasing two albums of 'road songs. He has recently recorded his first BBC session and interview, and had several independent radio shows dedicate hour long shows to his music. He won ‘Performing Musician of the Year 2011’ at ATM York and has been nominated twice for an Indy Award because of his engaging live performances.

He also records and performs with eclectic collective THE SCAPEGOAT; is guitarist and singer with THE CHACERS; producer, arranger and accompanist for BETTY WOZ ERE and THE RABBI; member of NEUTRAL SONS; and has been accompanist for singer songwriters EVE MAULE-COLE, KIRBY HOWARTH, KIM SMITH, CEDELLAH, HELEN HEATH and many others.