Mark Dante Troiano

Mark Dante Troiano


I am a Lightworker - a Reiki Practitioner who heals by touch. I am on a quest to find my soul mate. This music is the soundtrack to my life. Loss, failure, redemption and triumph... The heartbeat of the world.


My music is different than anything that is on the radio or that you will find in a store. I called it Contemporary Music. It's honest, thought-provoking, infused with passion, dedication and hope. I am a classically trained Bari-Tenor Lead Vocalist who can belt with strength, conviction and purpose. I call it a vocal attack. I am a voice teacher and an expert in close harmony, having directed, arranged and conducted The Wheaton College Gentlemen Callers All-Male A Cappella Group for 7 years. I have been in and out of relationships my entire life. I have learned the hard way that you have to love yourself . As The Buddha taught, you must Be A Light Unto Yourself. My music is a testiment to that. It is about fostering inner strength despite impossible circumstances. It is about investing time in yourself so that you can gradually become a better, more patient and compassionate human being. And it's about the Cosmic, Sacred Love between two souls, and the steps that it takes to find both the right person and yourself.

My music is complicated - harmoncially as well as lyrically. To be honest not a lot of people can follow my changes. I went to college majoring in English: Dramatic Literature and Theater and Double-Minored in Music: Theory, Composition and Voice. I'm used to arranging counterpoint for a 16-part vocal ensemble. I think in terms of close harmony, lines of motion and artful dissonance.

I wrote this album for my wife (who I have never met) and my unborn children as a way of communicating with their souls... as I wait to reunite with them here on Earth.

As my MySpace Profile states: I am an Enigma wrapped in a Riddle, surrounded by Paradox interlaced with the complex Yin-Yang Harmony of the 12 Tone Scale. Zen Master, Master of Metaphysical Philosophy. I am a Rock Star.

I'm influenced by some of the greatest vocalists of our age: Chris Carrabba and Jason Gleason of Further Seems Forever, Sting, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Adam Duritz - the epic lead singer of Counting Crows (perhaps the most underrated band in America), Jonatha Brooke, Stevie Wonder - But as a person I am motivated by people who make change: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Gandhi... and just as people: Charles Bukowski, Anthony Bourdain...


The Story of My Life

Written By: Mark Dante Troiano

The Story of My Life
Mark Dante Troiano

It’s been a long road traveled
And it’s been a long life lived
And I’ve been waiting patiently
For this whole world to give

And it’s just the story of my life
And it’s just another year gone
But I’ve come too far this time
To let all this come undone

I try so hard to make it
But some days I just can’t take it
Livin’ a life where I can’t get anything done
Like an outlaw on the run

But I see a new horizon
Change eventually will come
They say a new day’s dawning
I’ll hide the shadow from the Sun

Just give me the chance I need to make a difference
I’ll follow my hopes and dreams
Father my children
Marry the girl of my dreams
And teach my students

Repay my karmic debts
Lay down my burdens
It’s not much to ask for
And I feel I deserve it
I’ve said all my prayers
Just tell me you’ve heard em…

Tell me you’ve heard em…


I am about to release my debut solo album - The Lightworker's Union, which chronicales my life as a Boston-based Singer/Songwriter over the past 10 years since I graduated from Wheaton College in Norton MA. I have streaming tracks posted on my MySpace -,, and

Set List

I generally perform at local clubs, cafes and coffeehouses in the New England area about 4 nights a week. As for original material, here is the set list for my album and some carry-over that is going to be featured on my follow-up which I am currently recording with engineer Mark Ziobro.

A typical set list is 4-6 songs. I like to play a balance of new original material, fresh out of the studio, and some thoughtful, challenging, and less-known covers that make me smile and remind me of who I am and that music is the blood that flows through my veins.

The Lightworker’s Union
Mark Dante Troiano

1. The Story Of My Life
2. Prodigal Son
3. Beyond Your Face
4. First Draft
5. Spark The Sun
6. A Father’s Theme
7. Azureus and Glysiphone
8. The Center of the Circle
9. You and .12gainst The World
10. The Light
11. Tomorrow
12. Children of Light
13. Epilogue
14. Enso
15. Anna
16. Rites of Passage
17. Honor Among Thieves
18. Rain

I do play cover so