Mark David and Surface Deep

Mark David and Surface Deep

 Alton, Illinois, USA

The best way to describe Surface Deep is as a band with an slight element of surprise. We try to appreciate all styles of music, such as rock, jazz, reggae, latin, acoustic, gospel, CCM. We try our best incorporate these genres of music into our style, by adding our own touch of flavor to them.


Surface Deep is a band consisting of dedicated Christian musicians whom all enjoy Music Ministry. Mark David Goins, front man, and Alumni of Greenville College 07� decided to assemble the band this year. The band is not only passionate about music, but all are committed to reaching people with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ by ministering and performing songs that relate to the various struggles that often surface within the Body of Christ. To say the least, Mark David, indeed displays a true heart for worship and enjoys leading the praise team at his Father�s church in Alton, IL.
The Surface Deep Band members represent various church denominations including Baptist, Non-Denomination, Apostolic, and Pentecostal faiths. Nevertheless, all members grew up in predominantly African American churches having experienced a variety of soulful gospel music. With this said, Surface Deep has stepped �out of the box� and branched out into different styles of music that include Acoustic, CCM, Reggae, Rock, and Jazz. Mark David quoted, �Our music is designed to reach people of all different races and backgrounds.� In addition, Surface Deep�s mission is to sing God�s praises, while allowing their contemporary sound to bridge the gap between the traditions of soulful gospel music and Contemporary Christian Music.


Human Condition

Written By: Mark David

Why do we settle for this human condition?
Why do we strive for all these titles and positions?
Chasing the wind, exceeding earthly comprehension

When we know that our destination
Requires that our soul be cleansed
Of all things that separate us
From the love that was intended to save us
Why do we settle?

Why do we settle for temporary pleasures?
Giving ourselves to lascivious affections.
Why do we hope in worldly visions?
Expecting false dreams, to come into fruition

When our faith is trapped inside a box and can’t escape
The chains of doubt and shackles of our shame
Accusing us and taunting us with blame
Why do we settle?

Why do we settle for church denominations?
Building up walls, creating limitations
Making the church a place of competition
Forgetting the call, abandoning our mission

To give to those who’ve lost the power to live
And mend the broken hearted and to heal
The wounds of affliction caused by sin
Why do Settle?

Come to Me

Written By: Mark David

Why do you run away
Why do you pick up the chains that I've broken
Why do you go astray
Ignoring the words that I've spoken
Your hoping to find a place
where you can hide away, only to find yourself in the open
wondering, wishing, and hoping
about what you should have been
trying to find some peace within
Well I hope you learned your lesson
I'm the answer to your question

Come to me, lay all your problems at my feet, Come to me my love is all you need.

Verse: 2
I'm on my knees
begging and pleading
for one more chance, for one more chance
I'm looking for the light
but darkness clouds the sky
confusion grips my mind
I'm running out of time
Lord incline your ear
I want to draw near
In the stillness of the quiet
this is what I hear


I walked away from you, mistaking the lies for truth
You came to my rescue
Now I'm turning back to you
Lord I thank you, for being my refuge
Love you have shown me
I return it back to thee

Brighter Day

Written By: Mark David

Everywhere you looking at defeat
Life is getting tough and you can
hardly breathe
Don't you give up now
Don't throw in the towel
things will get better so go ahead and smile!

(lyrics)bgvs still to be added
Don't just lay there pick yourself up off the ground keep your head up and just look up to the clouds
you gotta believe that he can make a way, the sun is shining now its going to be

Chorus: still to be added
Brighter day, day, day

This is from our new project and we have yet to add background vocals but this is scheme of the song!


Beyond the Surface into the Deep EP is our new release.

Set List

Are typical set list is 5 to 6 songs which ends up being about 30 to 35 minutes.
Original songs include:
Human Condition
Come to Me
Deliver Me
Brighter Day

We normally cover worship, contemporary Christian, contemporary Gospel songs from artists such as Chris Tomlin and Israel Houghton plus others.

Friend of God
How Great is our God
Here I am to Worship
Blessed Be your Name