mark dawson

mark dawson


A creative,thought provoking, lyric based group with timeless songs. Plenty of groove and hooks to capture the listener.


beatles, cat stevens,led zepplin.
we have a listener friendly sound yet with clever hooks throughout.
songs with all meat and no fat!




it all started back in jersey
we met inside a local pub and grill
it was a makeshift galleria
outstanding red bull shots for thrills
trading barbs with all my old friends
facial exhange of wits to the core
combing through the old trash
shooting shit, then wanting more
looking outside
looking out by looking in
looking outside
look at who's coming in
she wears gloves for all the dirty work
as i resite some cheezy prose
i man the roost i sort the mail
to make it happen
while she paints runs on her hose
her home is carolina
north or south really doesn't matter
whispers spanish in the morning
latin is the former not the latter
just like it was
on the eastern side of things
down from the thieves
just like it was for you and me
i ask her are you breathing in
some caustic constitutional spin
drama queen sure doesn't fit you
masking malnutrition by those pills
she was a sentimental fool girl
kinda hung up by the rules
rather ordinary, not customary
to be driven back to school


Written By: mark dawson

evan was a desporato
rather copa setic prima dona
drssed his walls americana
and the hall had terra cota
a fenway fan of boston sox
and a groupie to the boston pop
he had hair he had locks
not a care and cruisin hot
eva ala circa ninety-five
cosmo replica mone design
kinda of simple mystic fair
model fien with frizzie hair
relish craze and rebate clown
while sipping wine and milling sound
she crossed the line without a doubt
hoping he will not find out
i hear them say nothing weird
ever happens around here
alan was a robo cop
hid is gun he plays it smart
tests the true tames the heart
by sifting sand to hide his mark
trial by error not by sight
he's judge and jury by head lights
calming fears extending life
his manifesto still good night
lana was a fetish freak
jumps the gun to get a peak
voyerer din a leather haven
suspend his end if he behaves them
shift the blame from man to mame
rush to judgement fans the flame
so goes light so goes darkness
what floats your boat still seems
marcus loves loves to surf the net
fly to mars on a jet
invest in stocks and takes a bet
what comes his way finds his net
owns a mansion a cabin cruiser
has a made loves to do her
relic lover a panic mover
step aside or he'll shot ya


Written By: mark dawson

picking roses by a gravesite
making lawyers on the flipside
feeling rainbows got to find a way
chasing answers trying to make my case yea
painting pictures from your lectures
instilling reason so infectious
finding pieces mending fences
siezing deepness reeping interest
seeing motinve shaking plans to
trading faces slide a soft shoe
making noice karma come my way
like a silly phase to an old school craze
so make me feel good
i'm kind of lonely
hoping i could be the only


Written By: mark dawson

get back to the finish
right from the start
no rhyme for your reason
when it matters the heart
things appear as magic
radar looms on stage
refrain from all the jaded
who insist you play on
simple states the winner
reflection if you will
you don't know the outcome
and you never, never will
take more than you give out
impress them just the same
madness as you move on
repression stays tame
as she plays on play on
switch gears to the center
stage left if you please
take down all the glitter
hear sounds from the trees
there's more than the obvious
so much for all your glitz
if random is rediculous
then who are we but kids
play on play on



it's never the rain girl
it's never those lights
it's just the in between world
that makes it seem all right
from paws to the print scene
it's not a course for the elite
maybe fine on the outside
but oh so weak on your knees
you waited forever you waited to long
you danced until ever just going on and on
believe it or not girl it's not what you've been thinking
more over or not i got a room won't you come on in
you were light on two feet
ultra quick to the bone
really savor the night life
i found you on margarita zone
those friends that sad two words
from the first to the last
i felt sleeze on my right side
there was stuff in your glass
a ball in the big room
bass chasing the ling halls
tripping out from the auras
blinded down to the floors
scathing down fro the fallout
reeling in cause of good news
hiding face in the back room
making sense on an old tube



what ever happened to sweet mary jane
if you want to know where she's at hey she'll do it again
there was more in her heart than falling apart by the things that were said
what happened to her can happen to me could happen again
what ever happened to lizzy sue
who knows what shes done who knows where she is she is coming unglued
she rose to the top then lost all her steam it was a hole in her shoe
so what happened to her can happen to me it could happen to you
what ever happened to sunny moon
he was light on his feet and danced for an hour till a quarter to noon
he would space out the floor he would leap and the soar just a kid with a dream
what happened to him could happen to you it can happen to me
what ever happened to mister jay
there was more in his mind as he was fading from view he was running on dead
he was high as a kite he was out on a limb about a mile away
seeing the clouds melting the sky just a heart beat they say
cause what happened to him can happen to me it could happen to us
what happened to him can happen to me let's get on the bus
what ever happened to billys next of kin
a mild attack he was flat on his back he it did him in
he was head of the school he moved in his chair and he rode on a bus
cause what happened to him can happen to you it could happen to us



did i see more than a black and white display
did i see them blasting in your mind
did if feel some love some tenderness instead
and could i make them reasons for this night
shades and colors were flying in the night
there were shades and colors on the rise
shades and colors hey they were dancing in your hair
there were shades and colors every where
did i say leave the light on like a beacon in the night
was i all you wanted by design
will i be enough for your crazed and thirst soul
will i be the one who gets the go
did i ever say you were more than meets the eye
it seemed you always ran the longest yard
never figure just how to ever speak my mind
words could only offer wants inside
words can soar so high and lifted up
words can fly stealth against the wind
lives can never see what really lies ahead
we are only dust and callous in the end



well i thought i had stayed home then i thought that i had lied
then i thought i had made up for all that i had tried
i thought i had laid down laid down the law
but i never saw you coming i never saw you at all
you said a mouthful with vengence a bend from the south
there was a mindfield approaching that only others stayed on top
i was shocked by the horror i felt racked from the pain
but i never saw the final outcome i felt safe in a name
don't you dare don't you dare
come on over put your feet up resst you're head on my side
is it more then a dream or have i felt you uptight
well i've come here and i am begging
and i have come here yes to shine
and now the rest is up to me
and the peace i need to find
don't you dare it's never here it's always there
don't you dare it's not floating in the air
don't your dare not an ounce of caare right here
don't you dare don't you dare
i got tiem to give you and i got time on the line
and i had time to love you but that time was on the fly
maybe this time i want you and the other got delayed
no matter what side the heads on i got to let it go away
don't you dare
an i was sitting in the middle being pulled from left to right
as if the end retains the motion and my mind contains the fight
there was more i wasn't seeing there was more where i was at
left a circle and a montra it was the best i ever had
don't you dare
there's a lot of things gone there's a lot that's on my mind
i thought about the past and i mingled with this time
you know i never said to you that i want to just move on
but now i got to let you go i got to stand alone
don't you dare
it came to me it came to you
we thought we really really tried
we knew that everything would never turn out so now turn off the lights
and now you're dead yet still alive lurking from that side
left alone and on trial with no place here to hide
don't you dare



it's never fun and i'm not trying to
be the new kid on the block i never will
cause every time i try to out do myself
there's someone around the corner
who will out do you
look out life i've got everything
i've got time wind at my back i'm gunna win
but you
you know better now
you'll find out and boy you did
it's coming full circle a mind of it's own
thinks of truth acts like zues but
gentle in hand
what you did or didn't do
it's coming back
it's coming back to you
you tried stealth with wings
you tried frontal view
you mopped up became a wreck
it's nothing new
so now it's time to do
what's really right
learn to love live to win let's live again
look out life i've got everything
i've got time wind at my back
i'm gunna win



i saw this light shining down it was
the middle of night
and i thought to myself what's it gunna be
am i gunna lay down and die or
am i gunna stand up and fight
cause in the middle of hell is no
place to be
i got some good news
even though i'm not feeling so good
in the nic of time i see what i need to do
did i say i have some good news
and i'm not feeling so good
so why the delay i need to do what
i do
there's a mouth in the middle
one to the left and my right
as if one's not enough i need three
to get by
it's never no fun to juggle life
on the edge of a pin
that's the end of the story again and again
somethings never go down yea
smooth like ice
and sometimes only bleak and dark on all sides
as if life has a reason to tell me what i need to do
i'm just fooling myself i'm only human too



where have you been my friend
has it been as rough on you as it's been on me
there were times i felt so dry
like a wretch and a mouse just hung on a wheel
and was it fame that drove me
so far away when i looked back i saw only dust
or was it the game we lost
no matter how hard we tried we failed cause of rust
where have you been my friend
there were trials that forced me to bend and eat crow
ways that crept in on me i only jumped so high then i fell to my soul
my life is on the trading blocks is looming fast so fast for me it passes me by
if i could have it back i'd sell the farm and head to the hills with those wondering eyes
those wondering eyes just can't see through
all the hills and those valleys and the smoke of the new
those wondering eyes have failed me again
am i to fade with the sunset or rise with the dew
where have you been my friend
when i was face to face with no chance or defense
they made me serve the one and forced my hand to pay back my last cent
as if to strip me bare from the first to the last it takes only prints
now i'm all alone with no help form the right or from what's left



Set List

20 minute &
45 minute sets