Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes
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Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes

San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
Band Pop Rock


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"Welcome back Mark!"

August 2005
Talk about a long time releasing the followup to your debut!  How about 14 years!   But the best news of all about Mark's jangly, hook-filled, Zip debut is that it's as chock full of Beatles/Crowded House/Squeeze-isms (as in McCartney/Neil Finn/Tilbrook) as his stellar debut!  His excellent, out-of-print, 1991 Bizarre/Straight Records' "Baby's Not In The Mood" is well worth seeking out (we do get used copies in from time to time) - you won't be disappointed!  All we can say is welcome back Mark!  Please don't make us wait as long for your next release!   If you're a fan of the aforementioned greats you're gonna love this!   GREAT!!!!


August 2005
Mark De Cerbo has been around the San Diego music scene for decades. He's got a story to tell and there's going to be a compilation here soon from Wizzard In Vinyl that will tell the story of Four Eye's skinny tie power pop days of the late 70's/early 80's. But "Sweet On The Vine" is new material from De Cerbo and band and it's, thankfully, not a lot different than what the older material sounds like. This is classic, pitch perfect power pop, the kind that we love, goes down smooth with a smile and points us to want to share with others. It's not just that the music is bright and catchy, the sound of a top pop tunesmith working at full strength; it's that the songs themselves are often lark. "He has been described as being part of that elite fraternity of popmeisters whose ranks include Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard, Eric Carmen, Nick Lowe and Glenn Tilbrook. They dont just write songs, they craft them; they mold them into neat little packages that find their way into your ear and take up permanent residence. San Diego Magazine. Yes, indeed, there`s plenty of Squeeze here(more Glen than Chris) and the writer is on the right path but you can add lots of Michael Penn, too. Also, he reminds us of Idle Jets/Pat Buchanan in that these are sophisticated, carefully crafted, extremely well produced songs that have had a lot of thought put into them to yield the delights here. There's an intimate feel to all this gorgeous material and it's never in a rush to get to that catchy chorus. This one that will reward and grow extreme pleasure, rest assured. Big Time Extremely Highly Recommended!

"Daily News Flash"

ICE #220 July
thursday july 28, 2005


As you may have noticed, we here at ICE occasionally like to turn the spotlight away from the usual well-publicized fare and onto some interesting music that may have fallen through the industry’s cracks. Much deserving of this attention is San Diego-based artists Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes. Their latest, Sweet on the Vine, ripens and drops into stores on August 9 courtesy of Zip Records, and offers listeners a lesson in finely-tuned, modern pop crafted with DIY appeal and wide-eyed, crystal-clear production.

While the Beatles are the first and most obvious touchstone, the DeCerbo-fronted band also references the sounds of such ultra-catchy acts as XTC, Squeeze and Soundtrack of Our Lives. The smart and sunny SoCal hooks of tunes like "Green Grass Girls" and "Artless, Heartless" combine lush vocal harmonies, intricately intertwined guitars and rock-solid rhythm section performances for a sound that leans toward classic rock but sparkles with a contemporary edge.

The enhanced CD’s 12 basic tracks are also bolstered by three bonus tunes: "Emily" and "Cool with Me," which were recorded with assistance from fellow artists Popgems, plus a live video performance of the non-album track "I Need to Have My Baby," as directed by David Peck.

The fruits of the Vine:
• "Neophyte in Flight"
• "Artless, Heartless"
• "Hollow Love"
• "Green Grass Girls"
• "Add Water"
• "Little Cloud"
• "Every Whisper from You"
• "Above It All"
• "Love Unclassified"
• "Breathe"
• "Goin’ Places"
• "Omissions"

Bonus tracks:
• "Emily"
• "Cool with Me"
• "I Need to Have My Baby" (live video)

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Greg Camphire
New Release Editor - ICE MAGAZINE

"Jack Rabid's Reviews-6/06"

DeCerbo (who used to record for MCA and Bizarre/Straight) brings back some of the enjoyment of hearing Squeeze on the major airwaves 25 years ago instead of the usual mindless radio goo goo. At his best, as on "Neophyte In Flight," "Artless, Heartless" and "Goin' Places," the bespectacled singe/songwriter is like a neo-Difford & Tillbrook, with a touch of My Aim Is True Elvis Costello, turning out insistent, layered, strummy power-pop that still works so well. Some of the remaining songs are a little too mannered and streamlined, bringing the energy level down. But, those who still sing along with "Tempted" will be tempted by this material and line like "I ain't no Kissinger when I'm kissin' her/I am no diplomat and that is that/ Artless, heartless." ( - Big Takeover #164

"Amplifier-Issue 51"

Mark DeCerbo
& Four Eyes
Sweet On The Vine
Zip Records
Longtime pop fans might recognize Mark DeCerbo’s name from his 1991 Rhino recording, Baby’s Not In The Mood, an elegant disc of tunes very reminiscent of late ‘80s Squeeze. On Sweet On The Vine, DeCerbo’s debut release on Zip Records,he joins forces with his longtime cohorts Four Eyes, combining the styles of both entities; earlier influences are still there, but with more bite. To be sure, “Every Whisper From You” and “Goin’ Places” pick up where Baby’s Not In The Mood left off, but others like “Neophyte In Flight,” “Little Cloud,” and “Omission” are definitely more rockin’. “Hollow Love” provides some rather eerie moments, while the country-tinged “Love Unclassified” might remind you of Paul McCartney’s forays into similar territory. The album also contains two bonus tracks, which may very well be remnants from early Four Eyes days; “Emily” is a nice Mersey-esque tune, and “Cool With Me” combines those Squeeze-isms with Lou Christie-styled vocal interplay. Sweet On The Vine proves that DeCerbo still has songwriting chops, which fans of the more tasteful side of pop should not be without. -DAVID BASH - November - December 2005



"FOUR EYES Anthology 1977-1990 featuring Mark DeCerbo" (Blindspot Records/119) 2009

"LOOK SEE" (Zip Records) 2007

"Sweet On The Vine" (ZIP Records/ZIP031) 2005

"Baby's Not In The Mood" (Bizarre Planet/R4 70367/US) 1992


Staring At The Sun VI (Blindspot Records 109) 2007

Staring At The Sun V (Blindspot) 2006
"Cool With Me"

Planet of the Popboomerang 2 (Popboomerang Records/PB 016) 2005
"Every Whisper From You" (Duet w/Eve Selis)

West of Eden-The California Collection (Zip Records/ZIP019) 2004
"Hollow Love"

Staring At The Sun IV (Blindspot/Blindspot 005) 1997
"Green Grass Girls"

Signatures (Pseudocool Records/VACD/US) 1993
"Blue In Clover" Live on KGB-FM


Mike Keneally - "Sluggo" (Immune) 1997
Potato, Tranquillado*, Chatfield Manor - vocals (*lead)

Mike Keneally - "Boil That Dust Speck" (Immune) 1994
"The Desired Effect" - backing vocals

Mike Keneally - "Hat" (Immune) 1992
"Uglytown" - vocals



"Penny Pong/Disengaged" (Killer Fish 8288382 /45PS/US) 1980


"Four Eyes (featuring Mark DeCerbo)
The Best Of 1979-1990"
Due to be released Spring, 2008 on Wizzard In Vinyl


"A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit Neil: An Indie Tribute to Neil Diamond" (Delirium Records/DELM5014) 2005
"You Got To Me"

International Pop Overthrow Vol. 7 (Not Lame-101) 2004

San Diego Music Awards 2001 (SLAAM/VACD/US) 9/01

Homegrown '84 (KGB 84/VALP/US) 1984

Who's Listening?Various - Who's Listening LP (Government/1001) 1982
"Life After High School"




Mark DeCerbo has been a powerful force in the San Diego music scene since the early 80's with his band Four Eyes. He has been described as being part of that elite fraternity of popmeisters whose ranks include Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard, Eric Carmen, Nick Lowe and Glenn Tilbrook. They don't just write songs, they craft them. (Thomas K. Arnold, San Diego Magazine). After a stint with MCA Records Mark recorded his debut solo album, "Baby's Not in the Mood" for Bizarre/Straight Records in 1990. The album, featuring Mike Kenneally (Frank Zappa), Pat Mastelotto (XTC, Mister Mister), and Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia), was described as a "Don't miss" in Billboard magazine and won kudos from critics. "You could hang Christmas bulbs with the hooks in DeCerbo's tunes."(John D'Agostino, LA Times).
Mark has worked in the studio with the likes of Earle Mankey, legendary for his work with The Beach Boys, 20/20, Sparks, and Concrete Blonde, to name just a few, Paul Fox (XTC, Boy George producer), Jack Mack's Heart Attack Horns, Greg Kihn, J. T. Lewis (Sting, Lou Reed, Stanley Jordan), Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa) and others.
In the live arena, Mark has performed solo or with his band Four Eyes, opening for such artists as Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney guitarist), The Rembrandts, Nick Lowe, Paul Carrack, John Hiatt, The Romantics, Marshall Crenshaw John Mayall, Huey Lewis and the News, Squeeze, Roseanne Cash, the Everley Brothers, Billy Swan, Tower of Power, Livingston Taylor, NRBQ and Sonia Dada. Mark's song, "Contagious" is featured in CBS' Movie of the Week "Mike Hammer: Come Die with Me."
Fueling Four Eyes' resurgence is a compilation of songs from their expansive catalogue released in spring 2009 on the San Diego-based label, Blindspot Records, called "Four Eyes Anthology 1977-1990 featuring Mark DeCerbo" as well as new songs on four other compilations including Ringo Starr and Neil Diamond tribute albums. Another new album by Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes, "Sweet On The Vine," was released August 2005 on Zip Records. Four Eyes has performed at the International Pop Overthrow 2004 - 2009 in Los Angeles & San Diego. They were nominated in the Best Pop Band category for the San Diego Music Awards 2004 and Best Pop Album category for "Sweet On The Vine" in 2006. In 2007 the band released "Look See" on Zip Records, an 8 song EP sampler with including 2 live vintage Four Eyes tracks from 1988 as well as studio recordings of "You Got To Me" (Neil Diamond), "Six O'Clock" (Paul McCartney) and 4 songs from their "Sweet On The Vine" album.

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