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Mark De Rose

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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"We had a great time. It was a trio of musicians (three short sets), and he held his own against two significantly older guys with theoretically more experience. We all enjoyed his personality and his message." - Bart - Unitarian Church of Harrisburg

Mark De Rose plays a sunny blend of folk and funk. The music shines through those glass-is-half-empty days.
- York Daily Record, 8/23/03

Note: the following review is of the Ernest Goodlife Band with whom De Rose performed from '02 - '06.

The Ernest Goodlife Band is intriguing. Their latest CD is called Good To Be Here. It's got 10 tracks, and was created in 2004. They're from Boston originally, but have moved to Philly. It's encouraging to hear about bands coming into this town for music, instead of leaving this town because they can't find good jobs.

I enjoy this band on several levels - not just by their music (which is the most important thing), but by the way they run their band. I received their demo in the mail, and was immediately impressed by the care the put into their press package and the aesthetic quality of the CD itself. I was semi-consciously given the perception that this is a professional band, even though they are a local, unsigned band. It helped to reinforce their name in my head - so that now, I am more aware when I see their name somewhere in the paper, or on a sticker. All this because they made such a good initial impression. Too bad I'm not an A&R rep, or a club owner - it would mean even more. I think more Philly bands should take to self-marketing in this obviously successful way. I think many bands don't remember the value (and the psychology) of a good press package. This judgment is based on the tons of press packages I have seen in my other lines of local music involvement. So with that rant aside, let's get on with the music...

First things first, we should define their style: I think I can best classify it as folk rock. Modern folk rock, to be more specific, with hints of old classic dogs like Jim Croce and James Taylor and some southern twang. EGB's music is outside the confines of what most Philadelphia radio stations would play, but within the realm of WXPN. In a heartbeat, I could hear some of these songs being a hit on WXPN. EGB has created a unique and pleasing sound, although they are a little predictable at times (but that's expected when you follow the standard formula for success). The formula is detailed, though, with smatterings of full of lots of different influences. The sound quality is top notch - they really found a good studio full of people who had great ears for the mix and tones (the guitar playing is notable to me, because these players are super skilled, and the songs do a great job of presenting their talent subtly - the conservatism is part of the beauty in this band. It just seems so well thought out).

These songs are built around the hook, as expected. By the end of the song, you have the experience lodged in your head. Any music fan can get on board with these songs very quickly. The lyrics are thoughtful, and the vocals are really executed well. The harmonies are some of the best I ever heard locally. The songs I couldn't get out of my head were Bouncing, Table For Two, and Coming Alive - the latter being my favorite. I see the band's out playing everywhere, so if this kind of music is your cup of tea, I highly - that's HIGHLY - recommend them. Stop by their website and get some samples. - Bill Sebald, Philadelphia Musician's Resource Kitchen

Note: the following review is of the Ernest Goodlife Band with whom De Rose performed with from '02 - '06.

Boston-turned-Philly-based folk rock outfit the Ernest Goodlife Band just needs a little push in the right direction, a little confidence booster. They’re a talented group of guys with a good band just trying to make ends meet in this bottomless racket we call the music industry. And occasionally, they get chewed up and spit out by careless music journalists.

“We got a review once from a magazine in Philly, and it just hurt to read it,” swallows Mark De Rose, the band’s frontman and principal songwriter. His voice is so fragile you could crack it just by giving it a dirty look. “We know that’s going to happen, but we kind of scratched our heads and thought, ‘OK, maybe a hard rocker reviewed it or something,’ he continues with a quivery laugh. “It just basically said, ‘Look, you won’t find anything more formulaic.’”

Please pardon the bluntness, but sometimes my dear music journalist colleagues should take a jackhammer to the great mounds of wax that have built up in their ear canals. No, the Ernest Goodlife Band’s brand of sunny, feel-good folk isn’t breaking any molds, but it puts dents in the gas tank of a genre that’s been running on empty for some time. (And yes, you could find something more formulaic. Rather easily, actually. Just flip on any commercial radio station.)

“We don’t want our stuff to be regurgitated stuff from other people,” De Rose explains, “but we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel.” And why would they? Sometimes a good melody’s all it takes – and De Rose’s pockets are overflowing with melody lines so bright they could give you a tan.

Ernest Goodlife’s 2004 self-released debut, Good To Be Here, plucks the sun right out of the sky, falling somewhere between James Taylor and The Allman Brothers with an occasional dip into soft rock a la Crowded House (“James Taylor doped up on rock ’n’ roll,” De Rose jokes). Lyrically, Good To Be Here is thoughtful and provocative, laden with metaphors of hope and celebration for life – the stuff that makes feel-good music feel so good.

The album was tracked entirely in Boston, just before the band made the leap to Philly last September. “We wanted to move down this way because we felt we had better business opportunities and more of a network,” explains De Rose. “We’re doing alright, especially with the college scene. What’s great about the college scene is, you go and play those gigs, the kids are enthusiastic and you get paid well. So it’s the best of both worlds.”

This month, Ernest Goodlife has lots to feel good about. The band returns to De Rose’s York hometown to perform at the third annual Marty Party, a benefit concert organized by De Rose and his brother in memory of their father, who passed in 2002. Marty Party benefits State College’s The Second Mile, a nonprofit that works with underprivileged kids throughout all of Pennsylvania. De Rose’s father was actively involved in The Second Mile, and De Rose himself continues to work with the organization. “My dream is that it will grow,” De Rose grins. “I have this little pipe dream that it will be so big that we’d get some fairly good-sized acts and generate a good amount of change to support The Second Mile.” - Fly Magazine, July 2005

Mark De Rose easily entertains crowds with great music and a warm personality. He makes new fans everywhere he goes!"
- Steven Klinger, Bucknell University Nightclub Manager

Mark De Rose rocked our campus! The students at Salisbury Univ. loved him and he was a real pleasure to work with."
- Dr. Heather Holmes, Director of Student Activities,

The Mark DeRose duo was fantastic! Myself and others at the Relay loved their performance and it was very fitting for a college group. Not only was their music great but they were both so entertaining and fun just to talk to. I will definitely be asking them to return for our 2nd Relay For Life next year because of how awesome they were. Thank you for everything!

Genevieve Douglass
Activities/Events Chair
Relay for Life - Philadelphia University - Genevieve Douglass

"We LOVE Mark DeRose"
Jackie Warnick-Piatt, Penn State - Wilkes Barre - Penn State - Wilkes Barre

"No matter how big or small the crowd is, or what the atmosphere is like, Mark always puts on his best show. His music and sense of humour are top notch. We love him at the Pullo Center" - Amber Patton

"Mark got a good response from the folks in the Lion’s Den. I’ve been there during other performances, and many times the students don’t even clap…too busy eating!
I know Amber is already a fan, but I will definitely log on and sign up!" - Jill Livengood - Pullo Center


Good To Be Here - 2004
Tales From The Sandcastle Kingdom - 2007
Mark DeRose Band - Self Titled EP - 2009
Hear To Listen - Mark DeRose Band Live @ The Capitol Theatre - 2009



Ask the fans of Mark DeRose's music what it is that keeps them coming out to his shows and you will find a common tie that unites them: sincerity. "There is an honesty to Mark's work that is so easy to connect with. Whether it be his solid and intelligent lyrics or the intensity with which he pours himself into his live shows, the listener can easily relate to the emotions expressed in his songs.”

As a singer/songwriter and an instrumentalist on piano and guitar, the multi-talented Mark DeRose blends introspective lyrics with heartfelt acoustic rock. Influenced by musical greats like James Taylor, Bruce Hornsby and Dave Matthews, DeRose brings a distinctive sound that has been challenging listeners and entertaining high energy crowds for nearly a decade.

Patrick Kirchner of The Fly describes this engaging music as “thoughtful and provocative, laden with metaphors of hope and celebration for life – the stuff that makes feel good music feel so good."

In just a short time working as a solo act in the college music market, DeRose has booked an impressive amount of shows with the hopes of always adding more to the calendar. He looks forward to introducing the Mark DeRose Duo/Band to the college market in 2010/11.

Fueled by a genuine passion for performing live, Mark has a history of numerous performances at a wide range of venues. He's been keeping busy by growing a fan base hungry for great music and good times.

Just last year eight of his songs were cleared for use on television’s oldest daytime soap opera Guiding Light. He has had the pleasure of opening for national touring artists Michelle Branch (Jan. 8th, 2010) Edwin McCain, Josh Kelley and Blues Traveler! He also had the unique opportunity of performing with The Baltimore Marching Ravens as a part of the halfime show when the Ravens played the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers (Nov. 29, 2009).

According to Michael Lessner of Live Nation (Former V.P. Executive of Capitol/Motown/EMI Records), “Mark’s music is definitely going in the right direction.” Just like many first-time listeners, Lessner was “pleasantly surprised” and ready to hear more!