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Gettin Around

Written By: Mark Donham


It’s Wednesday night, the TV’s gettin’ old
Called up a friend, but got put on hold
So she decides to get in her car
And go on down to the Best Western bar

She’s knows there’s a good chance
She’s gonna find somebody to dance with
She likes the band, they got a good sound
She’s just gettin’ around


Gettin’ around the old dance floor
‘Till the men can’t do no more
She’s everybody’s queen when she walks through the door
Gettin’ around to catchin’ up
On what’s been goin’ down
She don’t like to stay home
She likes gettin’ around


She sits down on her favorite barstool, and orders up a beer
She says to Johnny O, her favorite bartender, is Bobby here?
She turns to see her best friend Leigh, coming from across the room
Then the band starts playin’, bodies start swayin’ to a red hot country tune

It’s after midnight, she’s on her way home
Nobody’s with her, she’s still alone
But she don’t care, she’s not sad
She’s thinkin’ about all the fun she had

Lot of guys would have her no doubt
But that’s not why she goes out
She goes to town to get unwound
Yeah, she likes gettin’ around


Mark Donham
RR # 1, Box 308Brookport, IL 62910

Cold December Rain

Written By: Mark Donham

Cold December Rain
Mark Donham
Slow Ballad 4/4 time

Cold December rain, ice is running down my window pane
Guess I could complain, but I think that I’ll abstain


Because a candleflame is dancing in the corner, flickering free
And when I close my eyes, I feel inside, that you’re here next to me
And that candlelight is just enough to let me see your warm warm love
So let a cold cold rain fall today, with you here, I’m going to stay

Instrumental on first line of verse

Cold December rain, the trees are painted icy silver gray
Guess I could escape, but I think that I’ll just wait

Repeat Chorus

One candle flame in the corner, and I think I see
Thru frost windows, you coming to me

Cold December Rain, but it’s been dry so let it rain again,
I think about you friend, mmmmmmm, I think about you friend