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I’m Ain’t Worth It

Written By: Mark Doornbosch

Slow Blues

Verse 1:
I knows that look in your eye
You think’n I be Mr. Right,
Don’t misunderstands me baby
appreciates last night,
I’m tell’n you right here and now from the start
You best thinks before you gives your heart, cause…

I’m ain’t worth it,
No I ain’t that kind of man,
I’m ain’t worth it,
Baby, I just don’t give a dam,
Just let me go girl,
Let me go while you can,
No, I’m ain’t worth it.

Verse 2:
I drinks to much, I likes get’n’ high
I got no job and use my friends just to get by,
No car, no house, no credit card, no cell phone
The only time I’m happy is when
peoples just leave me alone, so listen…

Verse 3:
I’s gonna leave,
Walk right out that door,
Maybe you’ll see’s me around,
But tell all your friends the score
It wouldn’t have taken to long of you to see,
Yeah that’s right girl,
it’s not you, it’s me! Oh…