Mark D Rogers

Mark D Rogers

 Birmingham, England, GBR
BandPopAdult Contemporary

“Have the time of your life it takes 20 years, but by then you have forgotten all your new ideas” Mark D Rogers


That’s the amazing thing about music! It takes you wherever you want to be. It governs moods and it changes moods. A few notes can transport you straight back to childhood, a favourite holiday or a sad time in your life. It constructs a collage of your own personal history. My musical history has gone from church chorister, to drummer, to singer, to guitarist to song writer and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I have played in rock bands, mod bands, dance bands and even new romantic bands which has been a very eclectic musical education. Music is fun, life changing and thought provoking and I have tried to incorporate all these aspects into my music. My aim is now to get as many songs, lyrics and poems on to the website as is humanly possible over the next few years. Music is my hobby and my therapy. Most of all, it is my enjoyment. Here is my life’s work and my legacy. Hopefully, I still have quite a lot to add


Mark D Rogers - A Brave New World - Sept 2010 -
Incremental Music