Mark Duval

Mark Duval


In a bar or a music festival: Rhythm-driven roots rock, shuffling blues riffs and latin grooves. In a listening room: Earthy, sparse, atmospheric, haunted landsapes of fingerstyle folk ballads with beautiful harmony vocals.


In the spring of 2006, Mark Duval emerged from a 10-year hibernation to release "Rhythm of the Rustbelt", his brilliant debut, described by reviewer Dustin Walsh of Creem Magazine as "...the soundtrack to a summer sunrise over a dusty, forlorn Route 66.... a beat-driven, boot stomper atoned with Duval's best rendition of Waits graveled vocals. "

His songwriting versatility takes the listener from haunted landscapes of brooding fingerstyle folk to rhythm-driven roots rock social commentary, shuffling blues riffs and latin grooves that show off his skills as a rhythm guitarist.

His follow-up cd, "Two-Track Mind (2007) was nominated for "best new folk album of 2207" by radio station WYCE of Grand Rapids.

The production is sparse earthy, organic and intimate, alternating between folk and roots rock, and using banjo, violin, cello, organ, harmonica, trumpet, slide guitar and beautiful vocal harmonies to create a unique atmosphere for each song. Both albums were engineered and produced by Ian Gorman, who has become one of the most sought-after producers in the Michigan folk music scene.

Mark performs his music regionally in 2 different configurations:

Mark Duval & Traci Seuss perform Mark's folk ballads in "listening room" concerts. Traci's beautiful vocal harmonies bring Mark's melodies to life, and they are often backed up by Bill Caskey on upright bass and Cori Somers on violin.

Mark Duval & Two-Track Mind perform regionally in bar venues and festivals as a 5-piece rock band, centered around Mark's acoustic guitar with drums, bass, slide guitar, trumpet, and saxophone, playing sets of rhythm-driven roots, grooves and blues that keep the dance floor crowded.


Real Men Dig Their Own Graves

Written By: Mark Duval

real men!
dig their graves!
they dig them all over the place
they build their own coffins
out of concrete and steel
they answer every need
with the fire and the wheel
and don’t give a damn
what a broken heart craves
real men dig their own graves

real men
dig their graves
they dig them with guns and with blades
they shoot first and cover up later
they don’t mind a little blood when they shave
anyone who disagrees is a traitor
real men dig their own grave

real men!
are tough as nails
we can pack them like sardines in the jails
they don’t care about tomorrow
today is the last day
when they’re bringing home the bacon
better not stand in the way
there’s no place on earth they wouldn’t pave
real men dig their own grave

real men!
slash and burn
they know everything there is to learn
they protect the little children
until their old enough to serve
we’ll turn them into real men
and get all that we deserve
if we ever get to heaven
then we’ll lay the place to waste
real men dig their own grave

real men!
don’t think twice
about a little human sacrifice
they multiply like rabbits
and spread across the earth
the more of them there are
the less each one is worth
a hungry mouth is waiting
there’s nothing you can save
real men dig their own grave

real men!
won’t say die
As they scorch the earth
and blacken the sky
by the dawn’s early light
that banner still waves
as real men dig their own graves


"Rhythm of the Rustbelt" (March 4, 2006) HeyBurner! Records MDM 101

"Two-Track Mind" (June 2007) HeyBurner! Records
MDM 202

"All-Night Station" (April 2009) Hey Burner! MDM303

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Both albums are getting airplay at these stations:
Top tracks for radio play:
From "Rhythm of the Rustbelt"
Real Men Dig Their Own Graves
Come on Down
The Fire
Aaron Talked to Bill
Carnival Girls

From "Two-Track Mind"
Bed of Nails
This Old Man
Sin Coming On

From "All Night Station"
No Rest for the Wicked
Looking for Trouble
Song of Love
Come to Me
Diggin in a Deeper Hole
What You Want
Man of Means
Livin Big

Downloads available at the ITunes Music Store.

Set List

If required, we can play two hours or more of original songs, either rock songs or folk songs, depending on the venue.
For a typical 3-set bar gig, the first set is upbeat but mellow, the second set is designed to get the crowd dancing, featuring the best roots rock, funk, blues, jazz and latin songs from all three CD's, the third set keeps them going with more covers by Tom Waits, blues standards, a few funk songs, etc:
Tom Waits:
Ice Cream Man
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Long Way Home

Bob Dylan:
Obviously 5 Believers
Rita Mae

Lucinda Williams: Can't Let Go
Patty Griffin: Love Throws a Line
M. Ward: Radio Campaign

Blues standards:
Baby what you want me to do
Key to the Highway
Shame, Shame, Shame