Mark Dynamix & Jaytech

Mark Dynamix & Jaytech


"Dynamix has grown through the multiple facets of music, always seeking out the hybrid rather than the absolute, letting each exploration become an extension of who he is" - Pique Magazine, Canada



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Having deejayed professionally for more than 15 years, Mark is a significant figure in Australian dance music culture. To date, he has 26 mix CDs to his name. And with sales fast approaching 2million units, no Australian DJ has sold more compilations. His mix for Ministry of Sounds "The Annual" became the highest selling compilation in the country ever, dance or otherwise.

Of course none of this would mean anything if he didn't have the talent. Mark's expertise with the decks combined with an inspired track selection works alchemy on a room full of clubbers, swaying anyone within earshot to become a dedicated dance music aficionado. His ability to discover and develop the next sound is unparalleled in Australia, and the rise of Minimal and Electro in Australia can in part be attributed to his continual endorsement and personal affiliation with the genres. Regarded and awarded as the hardest working DJ in the industry, Mark is dutiful in his approach to deejaying; continually pushing the boundaries with his unique sound and educating Australians about underground electronica. Marks deejaying is more than finding the right tunes or playing solid sets of house, minimal or techno; Mark knows how to pull it all together and how to turn a deejay set into an experience.

Marks success as a deejay has been equaled by his original productions. With remixes from Daniel Taylor and Chopstick "IDentify Me" ,was play listed on high rotation on ABCs alternative radio network Triple J and was licensed locally and internationally to numerous compilations including The Annual in Germany and Ageha in Japan. His second single "Destructor" showcased a minimal electro sound; with remixes from Mashtronic, Jono Fernandez, Nick Galea & Matt Nugent it reflects what Mark is playing in his DJ sets currently. There are also new singles waiting in the wings called "Moment Of Confusion Between Man & Dog" which explores new musical territory and "What You Do to Me".

Naturally well also see more remixes, of which Mark has so far has laid down his interpretations for Swedens Stisch, the U.Ks Fine Young Cannibals & Australias Darren Hayes. His remix of Datarocks "I Used To Dance With My Daddy" is featured on his latest compilation Discotek. Discotek was released in Australia in June 2007 and was mixed with the U.Ks D. Ramirez. Marks remix of Mashtronics "Earthquake" achieved chart success in the US, where it debuted at Number 1 on the Balance Record Pool Chart.

He has hosted a long list of radio shows over the years, a medium that has enabled Mark to continue his unadulterated education of underground sounds to his dedicated fan base. And recently Mark was the official DJ of the 2007 MTV AVMAs; an event hosted by Fergie featuring Pink, Good Charlotte and Silverchair. It was the first time the privilege had been extended to an Australian DJ.

Since 1997, Mark has toured Australia and New Zealand relentlessly. International touring commenced in 2002 with events played throughout Asia, Europe and Canada. Mark has played the Love Parade in Berlin, the Hultsfred Festival in Stockholm as well as a host of clubs including The End in London and Mambo in Ibiza.

Number 1 most visited website of any DJ in Australia (over 1 million hits)
Number 1 highest selling compilation in Australia 2006
Number 3 DJ Aust. Technics InTheMix Awards 2005
Number 2 DJ Aust. Technics InTheMix Awards 2004
Number 2 DJ Aust. Technics InTheMix Awards 2003
Nomination Best DJ Australia DMA 2003
Nomination Best DJ People's Choice NSW DMA 2003
Number 1 Best DJ 3D World Magazine 2002
Number 2 Best DJ 3D World Magazine 2001


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*Based on CD Sales


What You Do To Me feat. Alexandria
Moment of Confusion Between Man and Dog

1. Destructor (Vocal Mix)
2. Destructor (Matt Nugent & Nick Galea Remix)
3. Destructor (Mashtronic Remix)
4. Identify Me (2006 Vocal Mix)
5. Identify Me (Chopstick Vocal Remix}
6. Identify Me (Daniel Taylor Remix)
©Hussle Black Recordings/Ministry Of Sound Australia | (p) Rough Cut Music

7. I Used To Dance With My Daddy (Sugar Daddy-O Remix) - Datarock © Young Aspiring Professionals
8. Earthquake (Feel The Earth Move Remix) - Mashtronic © Mashtronic Recordings
9. Turn Around (Trippin' Out Remix) - Stisch
10. Turn Around (Electronic Remix) - Stisch © Sound Of Habib Recordings
11. Johnny Come Home (20 Years On Remix) - Fine Young Cannibals © Warner Music