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"MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL review from Belgium"

an Aussie from Gold Coast, Queensland. Who always makes me curious. Who is Mark Easton? In an earlier life he was a professional punk. In many bands.
Somewhere in the beginning of this century he and his pal bassist Peter Copeland and drummer Jared Harrison, formed the power trio Mark Easton Limousine. In 2002 he recorded a 6 song EP with the title "Coast to Coast". Bluesrock driven by the slide guitar of Easton. Raw, hot and tight. He has crossed Australia from north to south and from east to west following in the footsteps of other slide players from down under, blues rockers like Dave Hole and Gwyn Ashton. In 2004 following the full CD "Greener" which had a lot more mature and original sound than the first. the acoustic National Steel starts to feature from here on. With his third CD "Band Wagon" of 2006, he towers above the heads of some of his colleagues. He is nominated in two categories at the Australian Blues Music Awards for Best New Talent and Best Album. And on the Blue Star Awards nominations within three he, Best Australian Blues Band, Best Album and Best Electric Guitarist.

After two years his solo act expanded and strengthened he has extended to Gigs in the turbulent and lush smoky pubs of country areas, city and outback, he decided to release his first solo album which is is forth album, which were created while on tour.

"Money Is the Root of All Evil" is a compilation of his live songs, and believe me, ladies and gentlemen, this very much works, acoustic or semi-acoustic, pounding primal-blues. The album is already a couple weeks in my possession, and although my circumstances and too much work that I don’t want to discuss, I listened to the album frequently and repeatedly, and I'm still not tired of it. This is the pure essence of the concept of blues.

Like his countryman Ash Grunwald, while he plays guitar, blues and a lot of sharp percussion elements, but both musically and instrumentally he is way above. His originality and passion invoked the memory of Chris Whitley, who is another wanderer of the lonesome blues. From the first song, the title "Money Is the Root of All Evil", you understand. These are songs that were born on the street as if it were a part of his life, instead of stuff you read in the local newspaper.
All songs from Easton are a rare quality. The flip side is that radio could find some songs unacceptable because of the gritty nature of the lyrics. But some songs show we can all survive in this dirty pool. "Party Time" is full of Quentin Tarantino's allegories. And sometimes he even bares all his feelings, as in "Cry in the Rain".
The three covers on this album, are not just covers for the sake of doing covers. They are so designed that you would think they were by him. Never have I heard it more than in Percy Mayfield's "Hit the Road Jack". If I was Jack, "I would never come back, no more, sure.
And "Blind Willie" Reynolds' "Outside Woman Blues" gets a memorable interpretion Just like 'Hound Dog' Taylor's "She's Gone".
This is a strong album, damn, how often should I have to say this. If you only get this for the tasty and piercing slide of Mark or his tormented voice, his harmonica wailing and meaningful songs. Heuh .. .. heuh why would you not want to buy this cd ? That's what I did



"MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL review from Australia"

Ahhh..It's that blues time of year..
Blues and roots festivals take over the east and west coast, rocking Byron and Perth, and blues get pushed forward into the spotlight again. Not that it doesn't belong there, but we do take more notice of it around now.
And a nice little blues collection has made its way into my hands.
This is an interesting accoustic selection from Mark Easton, recorded, in his words, "in bedrooms, hotel rooms, toilets and basements around Australia".
This hard-working Gold Coast one man band growls and croons his way through an assortment of fourteen tracks- eleven originals, full of guitar slides and harmonica, with a bit of drum thrown in to fill it out.The vocals are raw and real, and there's no bells and whistles with this album.
And hardworking is an understatement with this man. Take a look at his calendar of gigs for the next few months, he's playing all over NSW and Queensland, with a few dates in WA thrown in for good measure.
But to me, a decent song length is about three minutes. By the time they hit five, I'm wondering when they'll end. The opening title track lasted almost six minutes. Roll The Dice, Cry In The Rain and Happyman are just below five minutes. Good songs, but I just felt I would have enjoyed some of them more if they were just a little shorter.
Party Time was one of my favourites. The pace was a slight variation on the other songs, and he actually seemed to be enjoying the song. Often Mark sounds a little too forced and serious for me to enjoy his music too much.
Cry in the Rain is beautiful. It's a little slower and more emotive than other songs on the album.
While I enjoyed this album, and can appreciate the musical prowess and skill employed by this musical genre, it didn't really make me want to run out and buy a whole heap more blues to add to my collection. I liked it, but didn't love it. Blues fans give this a listen. This man is an amazing musician.


"MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL review from Poland"

You have recorded one hell of an album! Your music is fresh sounding and foot tapping, it hops and grooves all the way. The way you use guitar as a rhythm instrument is quite unique, I haven’t heard many other players using it like that. Plus, you have a deep, resonant voice that is tailor made for blues and roots music. Together with memorable lyrics and some good taste when it comes to choosing covers “Money Is The Root Of All Evil” is a winner. Speaking of covers, your version of “Hit The Road Jack” with this atmospheric slide is just wicked!
- Przemek Draheim

"MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL review from Europe"

"Money is the root of all evil" says Mark Easton, and he certainly has it right. A hopeful thought if you think that in 2009 the world will be a bit better, because there is a lot of money lost worldwide in recent months. Mark is from Australia (Queensland) and he seems to have specially designed the cover for Roots Time, it could almost be our new logo. His music makes me immediately think of what I heard the last few years by a few of his countrymen, namely Matt Corcoran and Juzzie Smith, both of the same type Busker-like "one man band" slide guitar blues with that hypnotic sounds. It seems almost a different style that you only hear in Australia. Dallas Frasca is an example. In any case, I like the sound enormously. In 2007 year, Mark was nominated as "Best New Talent" and Best new Band" at the Australian Blues Awards and nominated by the Blue Star Awards for "Best Electric Guitarist", "Best Album" and "Best Band". Five nominations in one year, that means Mark Easton starts to mean a lot down under. With his Trio Mark Easton Limousine he made slightly heavier full CD's "Band Wagon" in 2006 and "Greener" in 2004, preceded by his debut ep "Coast To Coast". With "Money Is the Root .." he brings this sound back to the naked essence, this is good for those who (like us) addicted to the sound of razor-sharp slide guitars in all their purity. Fans of Hound dog Taylor will cross their fingers to some tracks on this CD, listen to "She's Gone", but fortunately it lives up to expectation. Mark's strong voice is that of a Delta Bluesman, growling and sometimes with anger, sometimes controlled and gentle. The disc is packed with pounding grooves with his slide and other guitars, which he loops back and layers with harmonica and a bass drum, it ensures the pounding hypnotic rhythm. In addition, more than that voice of Mark incantation and you're good for an hour "One man blues and boogie" of the upper shelf. (RON) www. roots time. be - roots Time

"live review"

On Sunday night I dragged my worn and frazzled self up to Mollymook Golf Club to
catch Mark Easton....Its a gig I do regularly but suffice to say have to resort
to the usual club fodder and low volume that is required by so many of these
I was wondering how Marks sonic attack would go over ......
Well the boy done good..... sure a few frightened older types scuttled out on
the first song but a group of young locals settled in close to the "stage" and
responded with resounding support....also being holiday time a group from
Canberra also were diggin it (I found out later they were all regulars from
press Club and Yacht Club gigs that I had played...
Easton toys with and teases the audience and combined with a combination of
sweet slide or pounding beat captures the attention..
The usual club requests were made by the youngsters and Easton actually rendered
a version of Brown Eyed 12 bar form and with completely different
lyrics to Van the mans version and the funny thing was the sweet young thing
that requested it didnt notice the difference
A very enjoyable show.......a preview of a couple of new songs that are sure to
bring a smile to many!!! Wait till you hear "Hanging around"
It was also the first time Id seen Mark solo and I have to say his voice growled
like a delta bluesman when not having to compete with a band

The BEST thing to come of Eastons show was the acceptance of both punters and
club management of "real" music as opposed to sequenced acts.....hopefully now
they've tested the waters there might be more of the same.......I might just be
able to leave the sequencer at home for my next gig there.


- tony jaggers EAR FM


The Australian Mark Easton just finished his third CD called 'Bandwagon'. An energetic CD full of electric blues, blues-rock and roots music. There are three borrowed songs amongst the twelve we find on this album and they are all very pleasant to listen to. It's also a way lo leave his dusty Australia and explore the wide world. Considering this album he's allowed to. It is a fully fledged CD with a not so very common sound. The combination of harp, slide and a banjo isn't heard on your average blues album. When we listen to Hound Dog Taylor's 'Give Me Back my Wig' and Rory Gallagher's classic 'Bullfrog Blues' we hear the raw side of Mark Easton Limousine. The roots got the upper hand on tracks like 'When I Think Of You' and 'Got You On My Mind' then they wake us up with blues-rock in the shape of 'Out Of My Hands' and 'Head In The Clouds'. There is some self-mockery as well on this album when we listen to 'Not Blues Enough'. In which Mark sings that they are not wanted because they are not blues enough. This line alone deserves them a ticket to the blues stages around the globe. -


This is the third CD from this excellent Gold Coast, Queensland outfit and it is a cracker, just like the other two. This trio led by Mark on vocals who also plays some awesome slide guitar as well as harmonica, features Kayne Butler on drums and Michael Forster on bass are well known in Oz playing all over a country where going to the shops can mean a four day round trip! Come & play in the UK Mark, everywhere is just next door! This CD features 12 excellent and varied tracks, 9 originals written by Mark, the three covers being a rollicking version of Hound Dog Taylor's 'Give Me Back My Wig', an excellent powerful cover of Rory Gallagher's 'Bullfrog Blues' and the traditional 'John the Revelator'. Particular favourites of mine are the opening track, the driving 'Make Up Your Mind', the intriguing 'Orange Flowers', the lovely gentler 'Walking Home' which features some lovely violin from Jonathan Dower as well as Mark's beautiful slide guitar and the rip-roaring finale 'Not Blues Enough' which will, I am sure ring bells with just about every blues band everywhere! An excellent CD which makes great listening and shows that Mark Easton Limousine continue to develop and do what the are so good at. Great slide guitar, good lyrics and plenty of variety. A cracking CD, just wish Australia was not so far away!


"BANDWAGON review from ITALY"

I received "Bandwagon" a couple of weeks ago and I have been listening to it several times since then. This is in fact an excellent album of good rocking blues, sometimes in the vein of the best moments of Johnny Winter but less harsh and more accessible! I enjoy both the electric and acoustic tracks and, as you can see from the alleged playlists, I immediately started playing it in my radio show of American roots based musicat Radio Voce Spazio, the last time it happened just a few hours ago! More music of yours will surely follow on air in the next weeks



coast to coast 2002
greener 2004
bandwagon 2006



"the first time I saw Mark solo I have to say his voice growled like a delta bluesman when not having to compete with a band"
- tony jaggers, mojos and jellyrolls

Mark is a high octane one man blues machine who burns it up on slide guitar. He uses a loop system to layer his music, which combined with wicked harmonica and drumming with his feet provides a full, infectious sound to grab the crowd’s attention. His focus is on original material with left-of-centre covers dispersed throughout each set.

January 2010 will saw the release of the LIVE AT THE SYDNEY BLUES FESTIVAL DVD on the PLASTIC DONUT LABEL and distributed by ONLY BLUES MUSIC

11 foot stomping songs recorded in Oct 2009, with 2 previously unreleased tracks, HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN and BLACK BETTY the music from the dvd has been played on BLUES DELUXE in the USA, and KAOS FM in Washington, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands!
it also received glowing reviews from The Sydney Blues Society and ROOTSTIME in Belgium.

in the last year marks latest cd MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL reached number 4 on the blues charts in the USA, number 1 on the blues beat charts in Australia, and played THREDBO BLUES FESTIVAL, BROADBEACH FESTIVAL, GYMPIE MUSTER, GREENFEST, NAROOMA BLUES FESTIVAL, SYDNEY BLUES FESTIVAL and GRASS ROOTS FESTIVAL, CAIRNS BLUES FESTIVAL.