Mark Eden- solo or with band- is an energetic accoustic rock act who will not let anybody keep cool who is seeing the show or hearing the music.


Mark has been exploring sound for over 20 years. He has written over 600 songs, for many bands and styles of music. These have received radio and television exposure inter/nationally. Mark has played his music everywhere from Australia to New York,Germany,Cuba,Costa Rica,Scotland etc.
Mark Eden has written, recorded, arranged and produced his four Albums.
Mark's debut album "Melt" (1999) embodies twelve richly textured, well-crafted and dynamic songs exploring honest, and emotional lyrics. The songs interweave a hybrid mix of tribal, folk, rock and pop.
Mark’s second album, "No Mind" (2001) developed solidly upon the themes & moods of Melt, but skillfully captured the strength, dynamics and raw emotion of his live performance. "No Mind" found Mark continuing his musical journey with nine richly beautiful but stark songs of remarkable sonic quality, moving into a unique tribal-folk/pop realm. "No Mind" invites the listener on an evocative expedition through emotions, atmospheres & sounds, deftly embodied in song. These powerful songs are delivered through Mark’s passionate, bare, cathartic voice. Mark’s own intricate tribal percussion, vocal chants, strident guitar chords and lush melodies, along with bass and & kit drums are presented to the listener with unerring clarity & depth on this CD.
"Meaning I give" is Mark´s fourth Album which just release a week ago in May 2007.

Next to playing gig around the world solo and with his band, Mark produced experimental soundtracks for numerous animations and won a few prizes for his music on those tracks.


Nurture me

Written By: Mark Eden

Why don´t we just take it slowly
wounded as i am
all around me all is melting
let me understand, that i have
held on to the things
that are no longer serving me
all around me is my freedom,so
Nurture me all of your life
just let things be and we´ll
be alright alright
Paint the picture before we
have opened up our mind
all around me all is melting
let me understand that i can
give myself without all
the things that have hurt me
all around me is my freedom
Gentleness is the strength
that you know we all need
ahhbin bada bon
is melting
well i´ve been searching
for the things that have
been inside me is my freedom
Chorus 2x
all aound me is my freedom


-Melt (1999)
-No Mind (2001)
-Revolution inside (2003)
-Meaning I give (2007)