mark elkins

mark elkins


Acoustic rock for mid-40's & over. Wonderful melodies and crisp lyrics. Romantic, challenging, introspective, questioning, pleading. Not for the light of heart


My music flows from both my head and heart married to all my 57 years of experience on Earth. My music is influenced by Elvis, Beatles, Stones, Doors, CSN, Fogelberg, Jackson Browne, Billy Joel, Lennon, Harrison, Dobbies, Steely Dan, Brubeck, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton.


Forthcoming CD entitled, 'Noisy Appetites' in about Jan. 2010. 10 songs in all in varying pop/rock/jazz styles

Set List

I perform 25-35% originals with covers from Beatles, Doors, Fogelberg, Allman Bros., Motown, Eagles.