Mark Elliott

Mark Elliott

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This is music that's as pleasant as comfort food on a cold winter night.


Mark Elliott is a passionate arranger of music, specializing in synth and computer compositions. Since the age of 16, he began his development in musical arrangements working with a local record producer of hip-hop and dance music. Mark borrowed a digital sequencer from him and began learning how to program synthesizers to make music. Fascinated at the complex sound possibilities that were presented by synths, a new interest was born that he never experienced before. Presented with this new technology, he began to experiment in electronic music arrangement and never looked back.

After leaving his home town of Lansing, Michigan, Mark relocated to Illinois and gradually discovered the smooth sounds of local jazz radio station WNUA. Influenced by various musical styles, it was jazz guitarist Ronnie Jordan’s album The Antidote that truly opened Mark’s eyes and ears to smooth jazz, but it would be some time before trying his hands at the genre. Over the years, Mark began collaborating with various local musicians and serving as a backing keyboardist at his church, Christian Concepts International Ministries. His creations range from dance to corporate, hip-hop to R&B and have been used in radio shows and local cable advertising. And now his passion to create has led him to produce his first full length CD.

Mark Elliott is proud to present his debut album entitled The Transition. Finely crafted music productions are showcased in this smooth jazz collection that make it a pleasure to listen to no matter where you may be. Unconventionally crafted, this ambitious project’s sound was sculpted entirely of synth sources that give the titles a hybrid of natural and surreal sounds that are well balanced and inviting. “I know that typically, this genre of music calls for acoustic instruments. That would be fine if I had them, but since I don’t, I have to go by the principle of ‘use what you’ve got’. I chose not to be restricted from expressing myself in this style of music just because I’ve always used synths in the past.” The titles on this collection of original arrangements are warm, memorable, and timeless. Truly, this project is crafted with care and quality throughout and is quite a pleasant surprise from a synth based offering. Used in a fresh and inviting way, the arrangement work of Mark Elliott is conveyed beautifully and gives an assurance that the synth can be a major player in the world smooth jazz without being out of place.


The Transition