Mark Feldman

Mark Feldman


Soothing, Unique, Stylish


The last couple of years have witnessed a resurgence in Folk rock that has swept through the musical mainstream like a barreling wave beneath a surfboard. No other time in recent history have music aficionados been so taken by simple story telling and gentle, yet catchy acoustic melodies.

Figuring prominently among up-and-coming troubadours in this field is Mark Feldman, a 25-year old singer/songwriter with the gift to turn a phrase and paint a musical picture like very few others. His lyrics avoid simple clichés and are flavoured instead by slices of life that come off with such an unthreatening normality that his music truly speaks to you.

Mark’s debut album received critical acclaim across the Canadian press, and his phenomenal live set further reiterated the credibility of this promising young artist. Drawing early comparisons to John Mayer and Jack Johnson, Feldman continues to craft compositions that are soothing, musical and unique. He is currently working on his sophomore album, scheduled to be released in late 2005. Feldman plans to tour the album relentlessly and is destined to continue turning heads as he maneuvers his way up the musical ranks.


Save Yourself

Written By: Mark Feldman

Slow down, groove now, you're moving much too fast for your own good, I knew you would

And break down, shake down, the blazing heat is begging us to be, a little bit more free

So take some time and Save Yourself for me

Back yard postcard, the world as it appears knocks on your door, begging you for more

And blame us, shame us, for trying to uncover even more

So take some time and Save Yourself for me

Are you gonna wait long for my love?


Written By: Mark Feldman

Well i'm gonna find my own way down the highway, the playground stares have opened up my eyes. And R&B creeps out the car beside me, and the traffic can't untangle or unwind.

And babe I picked you up because you were sticking out your thumb and your hair was red. And despite the things you wore and the braids you sported I was most attracted by what you said.

You said, "I've got a cabin we can go and hide, a sweet little place they'll never find, never find tonight." And I don't know why we met along this road but you're quite a find, quite a find tonight.

And please forgive me if I act a little strange for it's not what I intend to do. This type of thing doesn't happen very often when feeling's strong and there's only one thing I wanna do to you.

Be Mine

Written By: Mark Feldman

Boys will be boys come rain or shine. Ladies know sometimes we need our own time. To visit the crew and find out what's new, do all the things we know you'd never do.

I'm so free, and my mind's at ease all the time, darling be mine.

If you want I can tell you everything we say, but let's keep it simple, it's better off that way. If you want I can tell you everything we do, but I think i'm gonna spare myself, rolling my eyes back at you.

I'm so free, and my mind's at ease all the time, darling be mine.

And we're only children in a sandbox full of waste, with enormous problems too simple to taste. So turn the page over, and turn off the news, because everythings irie, or whatever you choose.

I'm so free, and my mind's at ease all the time, darling be mine, honey be mine, sugar be mine, darling be mine.


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