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"Umbrella Review"

Mark Feldman · Mark Feldman
(Stageright - 2004)
Mark Feldman shares a couple qualities with John Mayer. The first is the easygoing acoustic rock he plays and the second is the non-threatening normality the guy exudes.

It’s maddening because, upon first listen, you want to hate this guy for the above mentioned traits – just like John Mayer. But you soon find yourself throwing this disc on again, even turning it up to better enjoy the gentle breezes and bouncy waves of his sense of rhythm. Turning it up lets you better enjoy lyrics like ‘Let go of your anger, place it in the angry bin’ from “Call Me on the Weekend.” Again, you wait to feel the bile rise, but it doesn’t. In fact, you find yourself quite delighted by Feldman.

“Hawaii at High Noon” is a great example. It’s just Feldman and his guitar (the dominant configuration for these songs), singing about taking off to different places – Hawaii, Algonquin, Alaska and Nashville. He’s got the gift for the turn of phrase and the memorable image. The song opens with Feldman’s invitation, ‘Let’s take a trip Hawaii maybe/kite across the dunes/sail around the silent summer moon.” Lovely.

Probably the weakest moment on the record is “Talkin’ Bob Dylan Blues,” though we learn Feldman is 23 years old (at the time of recording) from the song. The song is weak because it sounds just less mature, a kid’s ode to a Dylan that doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a long time. It’s cute but should be left to the live show.

Feldman picks up the thread again though with “Dance in the Garden of Eden.” It’s not some hippie’s hope of us all reaching some peaceful world, as the title suggests, but it is a story about a shy guy asking a strong woman to find the garden with him. But she “walked away.” An interesting and unexpected conclusion.

That’s really the key word here, unexpected. Mark Feldman brings you very close to neo-folk-rock-hippiness, but not all the way. He’s found a nice patch of grass to sit on, pick up his guitar and charm you, just like that damn John Mayer.

- Sean Flinn
- Umbrella Music


Mark Feldman- Self Titled, Stageright Records, 2004
Mark Feldman- "Extended Play" Stageright Records, 2007
Mark Feldman Band- Who's Got To Know Stageright Records, 2009



The Toronto based MF Band is a 4 dimensional blend of rock/pop/folk and funk that fuse to create a tight wall of sound which is both edgy and familiar. The band’s front man and primary songwriter, Mark Feldman, cut his last EP in Nashville with a cast of top-notch musicians, only to come home with a fresh take on songwriting that drove MFB rehearsals and live shows to new levels. The band began to achieve some well-deserved recognition in the industry in the summer of 2009 when they edged out some 200 other artists as finalists in the Orange Lounge/YouDiscover/Niagara Parks Concert series. The result was a 3-song deal recently inked with Orange/InDiscover, that has seen the band showcase their sound at CMW, and spend a productive weekend at the Orange Lounge recording the project. These new songs will quickly follow up the band’s own self-titled debut release, “Who’s Got To Know” which is freshly pressed and available in the digital marketplace. Aside from the MF Band’s seamless ability to put on a great show, it is truly the unique strength of their songs that set this up-and-coming group apart from most others.