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“A classic and milestone in the genre “ about Ska Pig album

"Mark Foggo is great!"

Tangra Mega Rock's 3rd birthday bash was destined to be one helluva monster knees up! This is, after all, the one and only true rock'n'roll radio station in Bulgaria - where anything goes on air and you can almost smell and taste the freedom that rebels from Jerry Lee Lewis to the Sex Pistols fought hard to attain and defend!

Free mind, free spirit and some bloody good fun is what we were promised...and that's exactly what we got.

Springtime in Bulgaria is, quite simply, fabulous - a green kingdom of sun and beer and smiles! Hence a large portion of the 700+ crowd that came to see Mark Foggo's Skasters, Wickeda and La Muchedumbre were in no haste to enter the venue - opting instead to booze, chat and spliff it up in the little park outside

Those that did enter early were mixing it up in the lobby, checking out the merch or ordering bevvies at the bar. This meant that opening act La Muchedumbre had to start their set to an almost empty room. Not fazed at all, they launched into a longish instrumental intro that turned out to be a perfect platform for the band to warm up and then hit us with their first "proper" song. When they did hit us, La Muchedumbre practically exploded and forced droves of people from the lobby into the space in front of the stage. Each number saw more and more people come in to witness and appreciate the band's ska/funk/swing/punk/core jubilation. With a skinny and animated frontman, La Muchedumbre are already pulling them in at club level - all they need now is a few more memorable tunes and they'll be packing bigger venues, no problem.

Next up were WICKEDA- a band that has been going for more than 10 years. A band who exploded onto the local scene with their debut single and album and had, for the duration of one hot Summer back then, the entire nation singing along to their music! Since their overnight success, Wickeda have developed and diversified their sound, toured Europe many times and evolved into a tight rebel-party-gung ho machine to behold and hear!

The band is tight as fuck, they've got their horns back and they sure know how to get a crowd going! Their set sees a little kid run onstage and ask the band if he can stagedive...Once given permission and encouraged by the roar of the crowd, kiddo dives in and is carried high for a good while - it's all fantastic fun and ties in pretty well with the band's overall vibe of positivity and freedom.

The band play all their hits as the crowd sing along! It's riveting stuff and it sets us up nicely for the headline act...

MARK FOGGO'S SKASTERS....Well, they've been here before...and they had a fucking blinder! Well, tonight, believe it or not, they actually topped that previous show! Oh yes they bloody well did! The band came on and played an intro, slowly building up anticipation...meanwhile, in the aisles, Mark Foggo - ska warrior and true adventurer extraordinaire - warmed up and got ready to show us young uns a few things...or ten!

The Skasters hit us with 'Bumpy Airlines', 'Not Scott', 'Spaceman Stuff' and the sublime 'Haircuts', during which Mark brandished a massive pair of scissors, not that he'll need them mind you. The entire band simply did not stop jumping about throughout the duration of the gig, whilst not missing a note. Mark Foggo is one lovely nutter of a frontman and they don't make 'em like that nowadays, that's for sure.
One thing is certain - Bulgaria simply adores Mark and his Skasters and that was evident was before they launched into their encore rendition of "Hashish From Amsterdam", a song that has proved to be phenomenally populat in this part of the Globe. "We don't usually play this one too often actually", said Mark in an interview prior to the gig. "Well, if you don't play it tonight, they'll tear the place apart" - warned we. And tear the place apart they did, anyway....Happy days!

Nasso Ruskov - Tangra Mega Rock radio


New unreleased songs attached for listening!



Mark Foggo is one of the planet's top names in ska & punk music .

Attached 3 studio demo's of his new songs.

The new album will contain a punky mix of ska/reggae/punk and even some rockabilly inspired songs.

I would be delighted if you could have a listen to the new songs. and tell me what you think. It would be great if we could talk about a possible release.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Janine Piepenbrock
tel: 0032 (0)488 17 44 77



MARK FOGGO makes fast, loud and high energy feel-good music and is one of the planet's best known names in ska music. If you enjoy live performances MARK FOGGO is special to watch. The fast, catchy songs and electrifying energy grab the attention of everyone at any given venue. The in your face attitude and showmanship on stage are well received by audiences all over the world. Mindblowing live performances turn the place upside down. MARK FOGGO was born in Liverpool (UK) but transplanted via London to Holland in the early 80's. Today he devides his time between London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Mark Foggo started his career at 14 years old, he soon left everything behind to pursue a career in music in London (UK). Playing around the London-circuit everywhere and anywhere he could supporting himself with live performing and odd jobs - nothing could break his determination to succeed in music. Mark wrote and recorded his first low budget single ‘New Shoes’. It grabbed the attention of Polydor Records and they offered him a record-contract . Through Polydor Records he released his first full-length album called: ‘Speeding My Life Away’ . It’s full of energetic, high powered, mind driving songs that showed his deepening song writing skills and musicianship. Speeding My Life Away was very well received and many songs were played on Radio and TV. Mark followed Speeding My Life Away up with his 2nd album, “Ska Pig” which was a big hit with the public. MTV has called it a ‘classic and milestone’ in the genre. Mark Foggo started playing a whole bunch of shows throughout Europe and managed to build a huge loyal following. After 9 more excellent full-length CDs were issued many of them on his own Skanky'Lil Records , plus an assortment of Eps and singles and over the years his songs have appeared on over a hundred compilation CDs worldwide. SPRING 2009 – Recordings for a brand new CD start!