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I was born in Windsor, Ontario but I moved to Ottawa when I was 1 year old with my family, I have always loved every kind of music and I think I have my Heroes in every style to date like Robert Johnson (Blues) Liona boyd ( Classical ), 3 Doors Down ( Rock ) Metallica, Kiss ( Metal ) and much, much more the list goes on forever ! I remember when I was about 9 years old watching my parents friends playing guitar and singing during a living room party on the weekends and I guess that brang my older brother to take a interest in playing guitar ! My older brother bought his first guitar and learned a few chords from our weekend guests from time to time and I remember him telling me to stay out of his room and don’t touch his guitar! Well every chance I would get when he left the house I would be playing that guitar like I owned it and I remember from day 1 I was not scared to break strings. Watching people teach my brother helped me to catch on fast, everything he was taught I remembered from watching and knew how to play almost right away, back then my brother was into Hard Rock/Metal ( Ozzy, Crue, Iron Maiden, Priest, ect…) I remember getting home from a day at the park and my older brother was watching a Ozzy video on TV and it was the song “Lightning Strikes” from The Ultimate Sin Record, I WAS SOLD ! Jake E Lee from that day was one of my Idols and I wanted to be just like him! so after many years of playing on my brothers guitars when he was not around my parents finally gave in and bought me my own guitar and little practice amp for Christmas when I was about 15 and at this time I was into guys like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani ! One thing I’ve always been told is that I catch on and learn very fast! joining with new friends I met in high school to start a band got me started playing in front of people and taught me how to show off the best I could during high school talent shows and lunch hour jams playing Purple Haze and Iron Man I grew up most of my life listening to more Heavy Rock and Metal and that to this day never changed! When I was 29 I met a guy named Leon who ended up being my acoustic mentor! the guy could finger pick like I never seen anyone do it before and was very determined to learn what he wanted to play, in my eyes he mastered classical guitar just by going to websites on the internet to show him how to play and listening to songs I never even knew existed and I don’t think I ever got enough of hearing him play! One day we decided to start jamming together and he gave me the drive and ambition to start writing my own Easy Listening Rock music that reflected on my life! We ended up playing guitar together for a few years as we ended up roommates and to this day I will never forget the day when we parted ways he handed me his Black Fender Cutaway acoustic Guitar, The whole time I knew him and played music with him this guitar has been my side kick and we use to argue about who got to play it and laugh, he had 3 acoustic guitars but that was the one I was addicted to! Knowing how much he loved that guitar I could not accept this great gift and I was very stunned! He set the guitar down in my new apartment and looked at me and said “from one brother to another, Keep writing music” as cheesy as it sounds it almost brought me to tears but I never stopped writing music because of him, so as a part of this BIO I would like to thank him for that and I wish to this day we still played guitar together but lives daily chores kept us from doing so! Now the years have been going by and I have written many, many songs and it’s time I try and show it to the world!!