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Mark Garza


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Mark Garza began playing drums at the age of 14. Hailing from Arlington Texas, the home of Pantera, Marks technique and intensity were inspired by Vinnie Paul of Pantera and Mike Smith of Suffocation. Currently, Mark Garza is playing for and building the hype around his new band, THE FAMINE. THE FAMINE recently supported Demon Hunter on their 2008 US "Stronger Than Hell" Tour and will be supporting other large acts on their Fall 2008 Us Tour as well. In addition, The Famine is planning to do another us tour in early 2009.


Consume Devour Repeat

Written By: The Famine

Plans of man done in the darkness
Sleight of hand will be the process
Enemies created from ghosts
To lure the fools into hunting shadows

The target centuries old
Lust for power and control
Bow down and kiss the ring
Consume Devour Repeat

Hell-bent to dominate
Countless dead in the wake
Bow down and kiss the ring
Consume Devour Repeat

Giants of steel brought down to the earth
With a word from the mouth of a man
Swallowed up in the undertow
Where snarling fangs feast on the brave

My brother, my sister, my father, my son

The secrets buried beneath
In the wreckage where it sleeps
As your rats haul away
Evidence of a new dark day



The Raven and the Reaping (2008, Solid State)
The Famine EP (2008, Independent)

Embrace the Eternal (1998, Solid State)
[1993-1996] (1999, Independent)
The Narrow Scope of Things (2000, Solid State)
Hold Your Breath (2001, Solid State)
Songs for the Living (2002, XS Records)

Persistent Sin (tape under the band name "SUPPLICATION") - 1993
Corrosion Of The Flesh - 1994
Embodyment (3 song demo) - 1996
Industry Demo (an early version of Songs for the Living) - 2002

Non-Album Tracks
"Halo Of Winter" from This Is Solid State: Volume 1 (1998)

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