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100 Bucks

Written By: M.J. Gormley

Verse 1:
Suzy did not think I stood a chance with her or so she said
She must have heard them rumors ‘bout the hell bent life I led
So I bribed her best friend Bernadette and got her to bend the truth
Now Suzy thinks I’m wearing wings, and changed her point of view

And it only cost 100 bucks
Worth the money ‘cause it changed my luck
Now we’re neckin’ in my four wheel drive
I’m buzzin’ ‘round her like a bee on a hive
I’d like to thank that 100 dollar bill
Mr. Franklin helped me find my thrill
Now she’s ridin’ in my pick-up truck
And it only cost 100 bucks

Verse 2:
It’s easy come and easy go but that cash don’t mean a thing
I guess that’s good ‘cause I spent it all on a shiny diamond ring
Now I could not put a price on what we share but sure enough…
To my surprise I realized that money can buy me love


I tried so hard to find the key to fit her lock
I’d almost given up when I let that money talk