Mark Hadley

Mark Hadley

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Mark Hadley Quintet performs all original music written by Mark Hadley, and defies the accepted definitions of genre. Drawing influence from jazz, rock, contemporary classical, electronic and folk music, the Mark Hadley Quintet presents a unique yet accessible listening experience for everyone.


Mark Hadley is a guitarist unconfined by the accepted definitions of genre, and is continually pushing the envelope with his music. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Mark began his musical journey with piano and trumpet lessons as a child until getting his first guitar at the age of 11. He played mostly pop/rock music until he began to study jazz with Bob Sneider at Eastman School of Music during high school. Mark won several local music awards throughout high school, and got accepted to Berklee College of Music on scholarship his senior year.

At Berklee, Mark has had the privilege of studying with incredible musicians such as Mick Goodrick, Tim Miller, Hal Crook, Dave Santoro and David Gilmore. He is pursuing a degree in Film Scoring and Performance, and anticipates graduating in 2011. In spring of 2009, Mark won grand prize in Berklee’s annual film scoring contest for his original score the short film “Michael’s Rose”.

Mark has performed at numerous venues around the country, from small restaurants like Bistro 135 and The Savant Project to music clubs like Middle East and Church to world-renowned venues like the Rochester International Jazz Festival. He leads his own groups, in which he composes the music, and performs around Boston. Outside of his own projects, Mark also plays guitar as a sideman in several other bands around Boston, ranging from jazz to pop/rock. He also performs frequently as a studio musician.

You can find out about local performances and other news on Mark’s website,


As a sideman:
Rachel Borovik - "Untangled"
Lizz Potter's debut album

Set List

All original music of Mark Hadley.