Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond


'Sage Against The Machine'


I'm not usually into bio's as most bands have the same old crap up there and I fear I'd stray into making a complete wanker out of myself. But I realise it has some true relevance in a press kit so here it goes;

I am 25 years old, I grew up in Essex, England. I taught myself to sing and play guitar. I bought my first guitar through working my fingers to the bone and I bought my last guitar through working my fingers to the bone...

I am currently working on my debut album; The Lost Aquarian Gospel, which is an independent project.

A lot of the inspiration of my music has been born through traveling. I have a lot of respect for the culture of a place and its people. Some of the songs that will end up on the final master of my album were written in the Indian Himalaya, on treks in New Zealand and on top of the sacred Glastonbury Tor.

I currently split my time between jolly ol' England and the San Francisco Bay Area in the states. I'm open for opportunities globally, although especially California and London.

I strive to be authentic in what I play and I hope that the audience gains as much inspiration, passion and zest for life listening to my music as I have birthing it all.

If you have any questions or enquiries feel free to drop me an email, cheers.

Mark Hammond
30th March 2007


Fallen By The Wayside

Written By: Mark Hammond

(Fallen By The Wayside
Broken into two
Nothing now will ever feel so true
It's hard to scream I love you when you treat me like you do,
deeper in the shadows that you play...

Fallen by the wayside once again
I truly thought that life might be your friend
But if you jump then I'll catch you honey
Like the time before
Walk back down to when we were young not old.

It is ok to lie
some of the time
But the deeper we dare
We always must care


Wintered E.P - 2005
All To Say E.P - 2007

Set List

I play 15/20 minute openers, to a full one hour slot.