Markham Sound

Markham Sound

 Draper, Utah, USA

Markham Sound(Salt Lake) writes and sings politically and socially relevant songs like Bob Marley's "Get up Stand up" to Markham's revised lyrics. His first release, "Days of Innocence," tells a story of Markham Sound's life involving divorce, teen sex, war's affects, terrorism, and Jagermeister.


Utah singer/songwriter

Markham Sound influences range from Jack Johnson to Chris Cornell, dancy grooves with meaningful socially relevant lyrics. Utah based, Markham Sound can rock the house with just his acoustic guitar.


"Days of Innocence" 2009

This album is a soundtrack to a future movie. “Days of Innocence” is the musical life journey of Markham Sound, from boy to man shedding along the way the religious and conservative paradigm of his youth. “Days of Innocence” deals with divorce, adolescence, young love, sex, & religion…of pain & guilt, war & peace, paradigm shifts away from traditional views, self-doubt to self-realization, of standing tall and making a difference, enjoying life & friends and reflection back upon this journey of growing awareness.

Tracks can also be heard at, and at Facebook and Myspace under Markham Sound.

1. “Mom & Dad” - about the pains of divorce from the child’s perspective
2. “The Led Zeppelin Song” – A song entirely made up of Zeppelin song titles – ditching bad lover
3. “Sleepin in the Parking Lot” – about young love & teenage sex
4. “Broken Arms” – about extreme guilt and running away from life
5. “Inside” – about the pains of leaving someone you love behind
6. Michael Franti’s “Light up your Lighter” - about bringing the soldiers home
7. “Don’t Blow up Yourself” - a “tongue in cheek” message to suicide bombers
8. “Peace Love & Joy” – about the aftermath of war’s effect on returning soldiers
9. “Shadow Beliefs” – about the lying voices in your head that that say “you’re not good enough”
10. Bob Marley’s “Get up Stand up” – with updated lyrics for today’s progressive political issues
11. Stan Vincent’s “Ooh Child” – with updated lyrics about America’s liberties hanging by a thread
12. “Jagermeister” - about the fine beverage
13. “The Pineapple Crew” – about Markham’s Burning Man crew
14. “Days of Innocence” – summing it all up
15. DJ REMIX of “Light up your Lighter” by Salt Lake’s own illoom

Set List

Plays hundreds of covers and many originals. Here are a few:

Bob Marley - Get up Stand up
Michael Franti - Say Hey
Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes
Stan Vincent - Ooh Child (Markham Sound version)
Markham Sound - Don't Blow up Yourself (tongue in cheek about suicide bombers)
Black Crows - Talks to Angels
Beatles - Ballad of John & Yoko
David Bowie - Golden Years
Alice in Chains - Nutshell
Markham Sound - Peace Love & Joy (about soldier coming home from war)
Ben Harper - Burn one down
Bob Marley - Redemption Song
Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr Bo Jangles
Pearl Jam - Just Breathe
Jimi Hendricks - Hey Joe
Beatles - Do it in the road
Markham Sound - Jagermeister
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
Sublime - What I got
Led Zeppelin - Going to California
Allman Brothers - Sweet Melissa
Eric Clapton - Layla
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty
Alice in Chains - Rooster
Audio Slave - Like a stone
Sound Garden – Fell on Black Days
John Lennon – Imagine
Led Zeppelin – Bran y aur stom