Mark Healey

Mark Healey


My music is quite eclectic, ranging from acoustic to soft rock. I feel my music is timeless - the tye of music which can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone no matter what their musical tastes are!


I am very new to the industry and have started rather late in life. My choice to record is purely for enjoyment. My first and foremost goal in this industry to enjoy the music I deliver with the hope that makes people think in the direction they take with their lives.


Yes. My EP consists of three tracks thus far. Two are receiving moderate airplay on various internet stations throughout Canada and the U.S.

Set List

I don't do covers for one single reason: I don't wish to be compared to the original artist! My music is rather unique, I feel. Some have a timeless feel to them. Here are the three currently on my EP.

The Old Porch Swing
Sun, Sun, Sun
Let's fall in love before we make it!