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Mark Hofgard

Goodyear, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Goodyear, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"The Opening"

With piano, sax, guitar, and other instruments, pianist/composer MARK HOFGARD gets us back to nature. He points the listener in a direction where we can be in touch with our real selves. The artist presents music inspired by nature and wilderness. This project gives us a very nice relaxing blend of instruments. Here the piano is especially nice and with sax and guitar adding support and texture, the music offers pure energy, uncluttered by the crass human ideas or technological greed. It is one of he nicest most listenable works of recent note. Lush musical and earthly landscapes are painted by the musical tones and sounds. I especially liked "A Candle's Glow." THE OPENING is a great instrumental listen. The idea is to be open to ideas - to nature. I found this album to be a relaxing delight. - The Critical Review

"Mark Hofgard"

It's New Age instrumental music that's easy on the ears: soft saxophone, electronic orchestration and eloquent piano arrangements comparable to Jim Brickman or George Winston. The pretty piano melodies are relaxing - perfect for meditation, yoga or calming you while driving on busy freeways. "Soaring" lives up to its name, starting slowly then picking up the pace to a thunderous mix of guitar and piano. "That's Magic" is an enthusiastic toe-tapper with just the right blend of piano, sax and percussion. "Shaman's Journey" effectively weds piano and flute to create an ethereal, mystical vibe. The 11 piano-driven melodies are well crafted and fresh. Mr. Hofgard is keenly skilled at building drama into each song, making them an adventure in sound without overdoing. He calls it music to explore your "inner landscape," and it was inspired by the wonders of nature and wilderness. Consider this music a rock garden for the soul. - Dallas Morning News

"Massage Magazine"

"When we open to the flow of life and love within Nature, miraculous things begin to happen," writes composer, pianist and recording artist Mark Hofgard in the liner notes of his latest release, THE OPENING. Featuring piano, keyboards, organ, soprano saxophone, guitar, Celtic whistle and electronic wind instruments, the album took five years from conception to realization. Hofgard, trained as a classical pianist from an early age, also spent a number of years as an attorney and an entrepreneur until his relatively recent return to musical composition. Gently twinkling piano easily evokes emotion from serene, subtly pulsating melodies. The 11 largely instrumental pieces that compose THE OPENING are strikingly upbeat in nature, and natural in delivery. Individual instruments never infringe upon each other, nor do individual tracks distract the listener form the album as a whole. This is consistent with the loose theme of THE OPENING, that of exploring your own inner landscapes. Standout tracks include "Uncovering the Star, Park I," a languidly flowing, softly undulating piece that, combined with "Uncovering the Start, Part II," could readily relax even the most uptight client, and the sonorously beautify final track, "Love Is," featuring a wonderful, wordless vocalization courtesy of Amy Sapp. This is a solid addition to any bodyworker's musical library. - Massage Magazine

"Mara Applebaum"

The inspiring melodies on THE OPENING will be perfect for play in many stores. Using piano and keyboards as connecting threads, Mark Hofgard partners with saxophone, acoustic guitar, and Celtic whistle to explore such themes as magic, love, flight, and spirituality. A former attorney now based in Colorado, Hofgard finds inspiration in his work as a nature guide. "Spending an extended period of time in a remote, natural setting creates the space to see life differently," he says. "When we are open to the flow of life and love within nature, miraculous things begin to happen." These lighthearted, peaceful compositions certainly reflect Hofgard's sentiments. I especially like the simple piano-sax duo in the opening "A Candle's Glow." Shelve this CD by your register to give customers the chance to snap THE OPENING up. - New Age Retailer

"The Opening"

Impressionistic piano man that let nature guide his composing has a way of standing out from the pack and making a gentle but compelling listening experience. With varied coloration from various instruments and sidemen added along the way, this set captures the lessons from Paul Winter sets and adds a nice, new spin that would make the master smile. - MidWest Record Recap

"WTUL New Orleans"

"What a delight! The Opening opens up vistas in the mind. Mark Hofgard's compositions move as one with the flow of life." - Christopher Albright


The Opening, by Mark Hofgard is fabulous! I have it in heavy rotation on our Knightwatch program!" - Cheri Williams

"KZYX/KZYZ, Talmage CA"

"The Opening is wonderful and will certainly make my New Age Top-20." - Valerie Lawe

"WKNH, Keen NH"

"I love The Opening! Sensual, warm. Evocative of fingers trailing search patterns of delight over naked sun-warmed sky. I would relax into deep, sensual, curving foreplay with a lover, do Tai-Chi for long periods, amazed at how the sax floats my hands in space and the piano tickles my twining spine with gentle percussive caresses. I'd watch clounds pass, marveling at how the melody concides with their slow-flow skydance!" - Mitchell Mendys

"Stacy Meyn"

"Is he classically-trained? He has that ear for dynamics and tempo variation...introspective, George Winston-ish tinkle and melody hooks..." - New Age Reviewer


1998 - Kaleidoscope
2003 - The Opening - top 50 radio airplay for New Age genre
2009 - Sonoran Journeys



The inspiration for Mark’s work comes from many years of solitary wilderness journeys and self-exploration. Raised in Boulder, Colorado, he has spent many years climbing and exploring the mountains and other wilderness areas. Mark’s music reflects the many insights and lessons that Nature gives to all. It is his intention that everyone can find their own truth through a relationship with the natural world around us.

Mark’s recording career began in 1998 with the release of Kaleidoscope, a collection of gentle and flowing piano solos intermixed with the beautiful sounds of Nature. In 2003 Mark released The Opening, a powerfully orchestrated instrumental album drawing upon Mark’s keen skill at building feeling and drama into each melody. The Opening puts to music concepts that language cannot fully describe – peace, tranquility, inspiration, and exhilaration. Each song blends piano, acoustic instrumentation, and full orchestration to tell the stories that stay with you, moving you to reach for and understand the Openings in your own life.

Mark’s latest release is Sonoran Journeys, a collection of instrumentals inspired by his journeys throughout the Southwestern deserts – the Sonoran Desert, Canyonlands in Utah, and Baja Mexico. This album demonstrates the wide range of creative talent Mark brings to bear to illicit emotional responses in the listener that can motivate, inspire, and relax.

Mark has had the privilege to work with many of New Age music’s top talent – Tom Capek (performed and recorded with Dotsero, Nelson Rangell, Chris Daniels, and many more), Chris Ball (Firefall band member), Taylor Mesple (Windmachine, unbelievable talent!), Amy Sapp (magical vocalist), and my brother Kurt Hofgard (best guitar player on the planet!). Recently, Mark had the privilege of working with film and TV composer Steve Kornicki to orchestrate and master Sonoran Journeys.

Mark spent 20 years living in the Rocky Mountains. He and his wife Tonya currently live in the beautiful Sonoran desert near Phoenix, Arizona. Mark assists Tonya with her holistic store, Lavendar Moon. Lavendar Moon Store provides the holistic goods and services necessary to support each person’s path to health, personal growth, and peace (