Mark Hofgard

Mark Hofgard

 Goodyear, Arizona, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Music to Explore Your Inner Landscape - Mark creates a compelling musical environment that facilitates relaxation, peace, and bliss. His music is inspired by the beauty of nature. Venues include yoga studios, art festivals, intimate concert settings, church benefits, and holistic events.


The inspiration for Mark’s work comes from many years of solitary wilderness journeys and self-exploration. Raised in Boulder, Colorado, he has spent many years climbing and exploring the mountains and other wilderness areas. Mark’s music reflects the many insights and lessons that Nature gives to all. It is his intention that everyone can find their own truth through a relationship with the natural world around us.

Mark’s recording career began in 1998 with the release of Kaleidoscope, a collection of gentle and flowing piano solos intermixed with the beautiful sounds of Nature. In 2003 Mark released The Opening, a powerfully orchestrated instrumental album drawing upon Mark’s keen skill at building feeling and drama into each melody. The Opening puts to music concepts that language cannot fully describe – peace, tranquility, inspiration, and exhilaration. Each song blends piano, acoustic instrumentation, and full orchestration to tell the stories that stay with you, moving you to reach for and understand the Openings in your own life.

Mark’s latest release is Sonoran Journeys, a collection of instrumentals inspired by his journeys throughout the Southwestern deserts – the Sonoran Desert, Canyonlands in Utah, and Baja Mexico. This album demonstrates the wide range of creative talent Mark brings to bear to illicit emotional responses in the listener that can motivate, inspire, and relax.

Mark has had the privilege to work with many of New Age music’s top talent – Tom Capek (performed and recorded with Dotsero, Nelson Rangell, Chris Daniels, and many more), Chris Ball (Firefall band member), Taylor Mesple (Windmachine, unbelievable talent!), Amy Sapp (magical vocalist), and my brother Kurt Hofgard (best guitar player on the planet!). Recently, Mark had the privilege of working with film and TV composer Steve Kornicki to orchestrate and master Sonoran Journeys.

Mark spent 20 years living in the Rocky Mountains. He and his wife Tonya currently live in the beautiful Sonoran desert near Phoenix, Arizona. Mark assists Tonya with her holistic store, Lavendar Moon. Lavendar Moon Store provides the holistic goods and services necessary to support each person’s path to health, personal growth, and peace (


1998 - Kaleidoscope
2003 - The Opening - top 50 radio airplay for New Age genre
2009 - Sonoran Journeys

Set List

Long Set - 19 songs from last two albums + 5 songs from upcoming album (2 - 3 hours)

Short Set - 11 songs from last two albums (30 - 69 minutes)

No covers, all music is original. Repertoire intermixed with talks surrounding source and meaning of the music, personal experiences, interesting facts