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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Christian Hip Hop


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The Story Behind My Praise by Markilo Allen “Keep It Jesus”
YAH RADIO review by DJ Majestik
The album dub by many of our listeners as being an inspirational one. Listening to the real life stories of this artist pouring out into every song, gives you, the listener a very transparent outlook on the life of Markilo Allen. Once again being lead by his maker, God; he has given his life’s testimony of what he lived through as he was presented with life’s trials.
Being an inspiration to those around him you can see that many people who have once faced or presently going through can us this album as an encouragement to keep pressing toward Jesus for their strength and answer to their circumstances.
The mood is set with the opening track “My Story” giving the listeners an exclusive tour of his life. Another track dedicated I think to his family, “Helpmate” I dub this the ultimate anthem for those virtuous marriages with the gentle reminder not forgetting about your helpmate. Markilo is always using the word to affirm his words in his songs another superb gift, showing that he is definitely spending time with his creator learning his word. “Tray” another heart felt song, “Ain’t no brother like the one I got” We know there are always rivals between siblings to establish themselves in the household. But here again to show hey, as a man of God I can love like him, showing this love to his brother. A favorite if mines ”For tha father” man he brings his street game to this one, this one have you reaching for your dance shoes, knocking that bass in your trunks…. “Ain’t ashame of the gospel” we need to get back to this principles knowing that it’s all about Christ and not the fame, money or the glory that you may get, but it all goes to him.
Another fault of society and even the church today we are hesitant to people that have fall short to their Christian walk, and even imprisoned, Paul was imprisoned did God stop using his ministry, the answer is NO! So why do we judge those who have made bad choices early on in their lives, in the bible it speaks against judging others, that God is the final judge. As the song so eloquently states “Tell me why do you judge me?”
“Keep it Jesus” addressing the issues that continue to plague the church, one foot in the church and one outside the church; reminding us again in the midst of all to continue to trust in God in spite of, and to live this life according to the word of God. “My life” what an excellent way to culminate this album, WOW! Being able to realize God’s mercy on one’s life and what they have gone through and to live to testify of his goodness is truly a blessing. Markilo this is an excellent album cannot wait for the next. Truly an inspiration to us of what God is doing through you my brother in the ministry of Music. This album gets a YAH Radio five star rating. I know your mom, brother, wife, and entire family are very proud of you. God Bless!
DJ Majestik


Markilo Allen's religious beliefs are, seemingly, at the very center of his artistic efforts. Help Mate, a three track EP, focuses on belief in God as well as humanity and our willingness to help each other. The title track kicks off the record with a nu skool R&B flavor, with a Craig David-like vocal delivery and flow. The song is about the respect and love your significant other deserves, while praising God for providing a "help mate". "Promise" is perhaps a song teaser, at only a minute in length; it continues to praise the woman of Allen's dreams through R&B lyrics and grooves. "Why U Judge Me" is another short piece, crying out for equality and the need to see beyond stereotypes (speaking of differing clothing styles creating false impressions, etc.). Help Mate plays like a looking glass into Markilo Allen as an artist. If you dug these tunes check out his other releases. MM - EARBUZZ


earBuzz Review: Perhaps having the Lord on your side is the key to rising to the top - maybe being born again allows the clarity to compose, produce, and perform with world-class style - we really don't know and wouldn't presume to say yea or nea for anyone. .but, if it does, and it do, then it did, and here it is - just about the finest Christian record we've heard. Markilo Allen, and his 16 track CD, "More of Him", combines grooves of EW&F along with hip/hop intelligent lyrics with a delivery that is as youthful and approachable as Will Smith, along with crooning/singing that soars and emotes like anything we've heard professionally. The opening track, "Serve the Lord", has a hook for serving the lord that infects the soul. Track 2, "Get Jesus", moves into come Casio/industrial magic, with words that penetrate steel, 'you wanna gang bang, slain cain, beat your wife, take a drink, get high, fornicate, then get Jesus'. One of the most commercial tunes is track 3's, "Can't Make me Doubt Him" - the female vocal lineup is delicious. The upbeat groove is perfect. Track 10, "Praise His Name", is another great vocal performance by the men, this time - and the tightness of the chorus is as good as it gets. Tongue in cheek takes the sermon into a direction in "Direction" - as Markilo uses street names to help people get to 'our father's house'. Great CD for anyone - but especially essential for believers of music and Jesus. - EARBUZZ.COM





The life story of Markilo Allen is one of redemption and restoration. A story that began in Kansas City, Missouri. The eldest of two sons born to Gregory Allen and Naomi Harrison, Markilo has been displaying his musical talents from an early age. Although he was introduced to Jesus Christ as a child, it would take awhile for the seed that was planted to flourish.

After moving to Salt Lake City, Utah as a teenager, Markilo was lured into the street life. Subsequently he spent 11 years of his life incarcerated for a gang related homicide. While in prison Markilo still honed his craft knowing that when he was released his life would take another direction. But what he didn’t know was that God had a plan for his life.

Kilo (as he is affectionately called by his family and friends) tried his hand at the rap game that the world had to offer. Although he enjoyed success in secular music he just wasn’t getting the satisfaction or the sense of accomplishment that he expected.

Now at the age of 35, Markilo has answered God’s call. “The Lord had called me to rap for His kingdom and I fought Him on it for awhile, but finally gave into His will,” he said.

Change is evident in Kilo now that he has given everything over to Jesus Christ. He, along with his mother work together to insure that his five daughters know who their savior is. Under the leadership of Pastor Corey J. Hodges of New Pilgrim Baptist Church Markilo is growing in his Christian walk. Diligently studying God’s word has strengthened his ability to proclaim the message of the bible clearly and effectively through rap.

“More of Him,” the debut album of Markilo’s gospel label, Heaven Bound Musik, will certainly encourage both the young and the old to turn to God. At the same it will glorify the kingdom of heaven.

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