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Music now available on Markiss Simpson is a member of CRC w/ Bishop B. Courtney McBeth-Gospel Music w/ a Rapper/R & B Twist. Gospel Music is cool to listen and dance too. For those who are in search of a purpose for life.. Influenced by Martin L. King Jr.


Mathew 1:20
...But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.

Markiss Simpson supports social events/cause promoting resources for Teen Mothers.

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Marcus Simpson- Single
Greatest Influence: Pastor Creflo Dollar
Role Model: Bishop Courtney McBath

Markiss has the uncanning ability to:

*write inspirations without isolation
*write a musical/message in 5 minutes
*write/produce great melodies
*write great lyrics
*connect with the world with a witty personality
and compatibility

"It was one of the strongest rap/urban genre projects that I've heard in a long time.".....Eugene Foley, Music/Artist Development critic

Marcus Simpson was born on March 6, 1980 in Norfolk Virginia. While attending Booker T. Washington High School, he created a reputation for his self as a Hip Hop artist and a highly skilled basketball player. Moving to Atlanta in 2000 to pursue his musical career, Marcus had dream of making it big. Performing under the Rap group called FreekieTwinnz, Marcus and Obie won many talent shows from Virginia To Georgia. Growing up in the church, Marcus knew about Jesus and gave his life to the Lord at the age of 18. Marcus was a Christian but had no idea that there was a lifestyle or a walk that came along with being saved. One day, while Marcus was getting ready for a show in Atlanta (recording one of his songs in the studio), he was invited to go to a Wednesday night service at World Changers Church International with Pastor Creflo and Taffi Dollar. Marcus started to gain an understanding on the “Life of a Christian“while attending service every single week. Hearing God’s word gave Markiss an understanding of direction in where his life was headed. Uninterested in the past life he lead, Markiss changed his style of music from street rapping to Praise Worship through Gospel Rap. God’s words changed his life.

Gifted in entertainment, Marcus wanted to share his testimony through his music by spreading the Gospel to the people that the church could not reach. Now, at the age of 27, Marcus moved back to the Hampton Roads area. He is a member of CRC (Calvary Revival Church) Norfolk where Bishop B. Courtney McBath resides. Working on his music, Marcus is focused on putting out a CD that will save the lost, strengthen the weak, influence and impact the world through his music and lifestyle. “The Power Of Music”

Changing the world one song at a time.

This year has been an impeccable year for this energetic, compassionate Artist.

~June 2007- Markiss Simpson was the featured Artist for the Gospel Youth Eruption 2007- Supporting the Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

~June 2007- Markiss Simpson's song "In My Song" was ranked among the top 75 in the United States for the EMI/Holy Hip Hop Compilation CD- " Taking It To The Streets"- Vol. 5

~July 2007- Markiss Simpson- selected as the featured Gospel Rap Artist for the "Care" Package for Our Troops Compilation CD

~July 2007- Markiss Simpson- featured Artist/Performer for the "Virginia Is Doing It Big Concert" YGE- " The Melt Down"

~August 2007- Forward to School Event @ Grove Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Va.

~January 2008- Nationally Broadcast Event, Markiss Simpson has agreed to participate in the 2008 HOLY HIP HOP ARTIST SHOWCASE and MUSIC AWARDS!!! Markiss Simpson will be performing a couple of songs from his EP, "BORN AGAIN ,THE WALK" During the 2008 HOLY HIP HOP ARTIST SHOWCASE and MUSIC AWARDS

~2008-Side Artist Project
King Markiss is currently working on a Song with Producer Davel "Bo" Mckenzie (Credits: Mary J. Blige, Teddy Riley, Black Street,Pharoahe Monch ) and Producer Spraug Williams (Credits: DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Dave Hollister, Patti Label, STEEL, The Hard Boys, Whitney Houston, Usher, Taral Hicks, Rahsaan Patterson, Rolling Stone and Eric Benet) this project is pending release in 2008

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BlackMan, B.A

Written By: Markiss Simpson

Young black raise is poverty quite often
Most of then end up in jail some in coffins
If you make it out, look- your consider awesome
As a black male in these streets we call Norfolk
No jobs, false image tell me what we are suppose to see
No husband no father tell me who we suppose to be
Rapper, athletics and pimps are role modes

I am a leader
I am a king, with a vision, with a dream
Treating woman like there Queens
I am a Black Man
Husband, Father, graduate

Black man in a suit, you can call me CEO
Black business, Black money together is Black power
Black family home owner, we got to take back what’s ours
This is not a racial song please understand
I just got to change the image of how the world views a Black Man
Hook: I am a Black Man
I am a leader
I am a king, with a vision, with a dream
Treating woman like there Queens
I am a Black Man
Husband, Father, graduate High school, college, honors
I am a Black Man

Keep Walking

Written By: Markiss Simpson

I started my walk first so that made you’ll new too

Hands on with the Church, so I was your blue tooth

So why we sitting here watching girls on you tube

I’m trying to be a leader, but I am falling myself

Trying to be a wing man, got me calling myself

I’m slipping trying to hide it, I’m flipping feeling two sided

I’m tripping Lord I done feel and I need me some Guidant

Now she’s pregnant Lord I don’t what to do

how am I suppose to tell O what I am I suppose to tell Lu

Looking in the mirror lying trying to face the truth

To embrace the youth, I first got to embrace the truth

That I not perfect but it hurts, cause I’m known to flirt

And I’m known to be in dirt but I know the word it works

I have messed up on my walk, because I’m not perfect

But Jesus shed his blood so I know that I’m worth it.

Hook: I gotta Keep Walking

I was fighting with sex and I know I probably lost your respect.

Please don’t judge me now, It’s kind of hard getting up when your down

I’m not perfect you’ll I was born on this earth like you’ll

I’m speaking straight from the heart got to let the light clear up the dark

And to a special friend why do good things come to an end

5 6 7 8 9 over 10 years

Playing this game of life still trying to win

Looking for that righteous still finding sin

And as a Christian look, everyday get tougher

Ever since you got pregnant, everyday got rougher

You Know as a leader, I had to step down from ministry

Church folk talking and I don’t want no enemies

Follow by the youth and I don’t want no mini me

Lord please get rid of the sin that lives in me

I don’t think you’ll r hearing me, Lord this thing is killing me

Every time I look in the mirror I see my enemy

Fighting the inner me, Christ got to enter me


July 7, 2007- EP Super Single
1- SINGLE- "BlackMan-Born Again, The WALK"

This EP has an element of surprise with special support by Believer Hip Hop Artist Trav'GUTTA and Lyric Mastermind Aaron Herbert (Spoken Word)

2. EP- Titles

*BlackMan, B.A 5:46
*What If by Aaron (Spoken Word)
*I Need Change, Lord 2:55
*Keep Walking 4:21 and
*Bonus- by Trav'GUTTA, "From The Bottom" 4:32

UPC 634479565175
Available at

Digital Download Available for:

*Keep Walking
*BlackMan, Born Again

3. Album "THE WALK", for 2009 includes the following tracks:

*Re Dedication
*Keep Walking
*BlackMan, Born Again
*In My Song
*Eye Opener
*2 Be Continued
*I Need Change
*Fighting Words
*Living Witness
*G3 Live
*I Shall Fear No Evil

featured Artist Markiss Simpson
-Reflections Management Company-

5. Album- "POWER OF MUSIC"
featured Artist Markiss Simpson
-Reflections Management Company,2009-

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