Mark Jones

Mark Jones


Mark Jones writes and plays his own quirky pop songs, with no desire to be pigeonholed into any particular category. Some of his songs are humorous reflections on the problems of human nature, others are dream-inspired snapshots of ethereal word-play. Mark also plays a vast repertoire of cover songs


Influences: Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Doors, Beatles, Neil Young, any reggae, any blues, any country music, world music, any folk music, any name it, I love it (except modern commercial pap-pop).
I started playing guitar and singing aged 15, and immediately started writing my own songs. Soon I was recording them too using multi-tracking, and selling albums of my music to fellow college students. In my 20's I joined bands in Liverpool, and carried on my solo playing and writing in the background. Now I have decided that solo is the way forward, so I am writing and playing regularly again on my own terms. I have a vast repertoire of covers that I can play, covering all styles and genres, and I like to mix in my own quirky songs about life, war, human nature etc.


I have had an hour-long documentary about myself and my music broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside in 2007. I have recorded sessions with the Coral, and been featured on many bands work.

Set List

My Songs include:
Life's Alright
Pizza of Love
Live to Kill
Next to Nothing
Leaf of Life

Covers include:
Whispering Grass (Ink Spots)
I Walk the Line (Johnny Cash)
A Sailors Life (English Folk)
Dirty Old Town (Ewan McColl)
Caravan (Duke Ellington)
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (Frank Zappa)