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"Mark J. Stevens"

The optimistic appeal and deep statements of his writings carry a unique blend of music that you should not fail to listen. Stevens melodies alone give a signature impact for the listeners. It will turn you on for a little dance and could even let you hum the song repeatedly. Very melodic and
catchy. I guess it has got what it takes to get into the market.With its energetic and beautiful formation, no doubt that it would really pass the standards of today's music. His suave and passionate voice gives total
effective space for the listeners to sit down and listen about the songs
that speak. Stevens natural sensitivity sets him apart from today's emerging indie artists and even pop singers. His creativity alone and the talent to produce wonderful original tracks could already make him a winner. His
spirit is welded with nature. His senses are tied up with his own world while it reaches outward for everyone. His musicality speaks both the language of the natural beats and the heart beats. I had always believed that the best thing about music is, it has life, reality and soul. "

-- Henry G Angeles(
- Henry G Angeles

"Kaleidoscope Promotions UK"

"It takes a lot of guts to be a male soloist these days. Just look at the status of male soloists
in the UK Music Industry; with the exception of Damien Rice, Daniel Beddingfield and David Gray, there are very few male artists who are songwriters themselves. Very few record companies seek male solo artists-in fact, the majority of them are concentratiing on female soloists. Yet Mark.J.Stevens seems to be a jewel waiting to be found. If Mark does not succeed with his music then there is little hope for all else. His music is not only clever, creative and commercial but it is innovative, strong and unique.
He writes melodies that go beyond the boundaries of infectious and become contagious. His lyrics are passionate, intelligent and thoughtful, his presence is overwhelming and warm, his charisma is captivating and earth shattering. Mark.J.Stevens really is the shining diamond for unsigned male talent. Mark's voice can only be described as beautiful. His voice displays soulful tones and elements of commercial energy. He is able to communicate his brilliant songs in the most infectious method possible beause of his distinctive voice. Mark has many Top 10 hit's under his belt and it's just a matter of time before he is picked up and signed for millions.
Watch this space if you want to see an unsigned hero turn into a national icon"
Reviewed by Kyle Unwin of Kaleidoscope Promotions UK - Kaleidoscope Promotions UK


Hey! Mark..Your songs match your voice really well and the tight production on those tracks does a lot to support the lyrics with good melodies and rhythms. I'm sure your live show displays your true skills even more. Mark, you have a prosperous future in the music industry. You should be proud and congratulated on your achievement thus far. I look forward to seeing & hearing you grow as an artist.


Interviewed On Spanish Radio (MADRID).
Interviewed On Celtica Radio (Wales) 2004.
Interviewed By The Harrow Times(London) May 2004.
- Spanish and Celtica Radio

"Bill Everatt...Group Music Director"

Hi! Mark, I'm very impressed with your material, I will be playing 'Until', on the show... Bill Everatt...Group Managing Director.Celtica Radio Ltd a division of AlBilCo MediaComm Ltd. - Celtica Radio

"Mark J. Stevens"

Great Work, Really original sounding material. Well done Orchestration Production, Instrumentation and overall Musicianship. Mark has an emotion to his vocals that is very rare. He delivers this material very smoothly and confidently. We have found this material to be well written both musically as well as lyrically. In our opinion it would be easily marketed to the right audience of music industry professionals,Very Marketable.
- T.Buburuz. I.M.G. International Marketing Group U.S.A.

"Mark J. Stevens"

The first time I heard Mark's songs I was blown away, his ability of writing such great songs left me surprised that he was unsigned. His music is the sort to just sit down, enjoy and feel the emotions that have been put into the music and lyrics. It is truly music to forget all troubles. Mark's soothing voice will keep anyone in total absorption to his music. I gave Mark a publishing deal because I think he will do well in the future, he has the x-factor that any record company with sense will see. Truly Unique. - Ronnie Gache, Dive Music


The new single "Come Clean" can be downloaded FOR FREE at

Until EP-an amazing 60 No.1's on former music website

World web charts gained well over a 100.000 Streams in one year

The long anticipated album "Honestly" is available RIGHT NOW! At the following fine music sites:



Mark J. Stevens

'My love for America Mainstream and Easy Listening made me want to do only one thing in my life and that is to sing and write great songs". Music inspires so much and what can be better than reaching people and trying to be a part or even the cause of their inspirations. I love good lyrics and great melodic tunes. So I try to always write good melodies and words that not only I but also people of all ages can relate to. There are some great songwriters out there and the ones that have influenced me are the ones that music lovers and even the odd critic just have to talk about.

Mark started out singing at an early age but never really took it seriously. It was only when he found out that he could mimic the voices of the singers on the radio that he thought more about singing. In the late 90s, Mark formed Frontpage along with Keyboard player Luca del Bianco. Frontpage developed their own distinctive sound mixing English Pop with Italian dance grooves. Traces of that music can still be found on His EP.'UNTIL'. With Luca wanting to produce more, the boys decided to move on professionally. Mark went away and wrote song after song and continued learning his craft.

He embarked on a journey that would eventually bring him to this stage of his career. The market is finally open to the kind of music Mark produces. Artists such as Dido, John Mayer and David Gray have received Great Response and so will Mark.J.Stevens. His music has the ability to last the test of time. 'Simple and Honest' is how Mark describes his own music.

Mark will be coming to the US in 2007 for a College Tour and his video for his 1st single “Come Clean” will also be released soon.

For additional information on Mark contact: Maurice Carlisle, Legendary Entertainment at (800) 945-0042 or by email at:

Musical Influences: Prince, Seal, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Marc Anthony and Sting.
Similar Artists: Seal, David Gray, Dido, Norah Jones and John Mayer.