Mark J. Stevens

Mark J. Stevens


Solo Pop/Rock Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Lead Guitarist modern pop feel with 60's & 80's values.


Mark J. Stevens

'My love for America Mainstream and Easy Listening made me want to do only one thing in my life and that is to sing and write great songs". Music inspires so much and what can be better than reaching people and trying to be a part or even the cause of their inspirations. I love good lyrics and great melodic tunes. So I try to always write good melodies and words that not only I but also people of all ages can relate to. There are some great songwriters out there and the ones that have influenced me are the ones that music lovers and even the odd critic just have to talk about.

Mark started out singing at an early age but never really took it seriously. It was only when he found out that he could mimic the voices of the singers on the radio that he thought more about singing. In the late 90s, Mark formed Frontpage along with Keyboard player Luca del Bianco. Frontpage developed their own distinctive sound mixing English Pop with Italian dance grooves. Traces of that music can still be found on His EP.'UNTIL'. With Luca wanting to produce more, the boys decided to move on professionally. Mark went away and wrote song after song and continued learning his craft.

He embarked on a journey that would eventually bring him to this stage of his career. The market is finally open to the kind of music Mark produces. Artists such as Dido, John Mayer and David Gray have received Great Response and so will Mark.J.Stevens. His music has the ability to last the test of time. 'Simple and Honest' is how Mark describes his own music.

Mark will be coming to the US in 2007 for a College Tour and his video for his 1st single “Come Clean” will also be released soon.

For additional information on Mark contact: Maurice Carlisle, Legendary Entertainment at (800) 945-0042 or by email at:

Musical Influences: Prince, Seal, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Marc Anthony and Sting.
Similar Artists: Seal, David Gray, Dido, Norah Jones and John Mayer.



Written By: Mark J. Stevens

Words and Music by Mark J Stevens
Capo On 2nd
Chords Used A6 Played in 6th And 5th
May1st 2002

See Her… Falling
Just a Picture
With No Meaning…
Don’t cry no more
Don’t Close the Door
Wipe Away Your Tears…Baby

She Once Told Me…Memories
With Her Beauty
She Tempts Me In
Close Your Eyes
Go To Sleep
I’ll Stroke Your Hair

Ibiza Sunrise

Written By: Mark J. Stevens

Words and Music by Mark J Stevens©
A6 in 5th/ D2 in 5th/ D A6
4th Sep 2002

I’ve been Through The Nights
Yes I’ve Been There…
Into The Sunlight…Through The Sunshine

Beauty Everywhere…Golden Sands
This Is The Sunshine
Ibiza Sunrise

You Don’t Have To Say,
It Just Feels Right…Watching The Sunrise
Ibiza Sunrise
Watching The Sunrise
Ibiza Sunrise

Oh! It Feels So Good
All Your Dreams Come True

I Live For The Nights
And I’ve Been There…Through The Sunshine
Ibiza Sunrise
Romance In The Air
The Music Plays…This Is The Sunshine
Ibiza Sunshine

It Feels So Good
And All Your Dreams Come True

I’ve Been Through The Nights
I’ve Been There…Into The Sunlight
Ibiza Sunrise
Though The Sunshine
Ibiza Sunrise

Come Clean

Written By: Mark J. Stevens

Words and Music by Mark J Stevens©
Chords Used Em D Am7 Em7 G
Played with Capo On 2nd

I Say I Won’t
Until! You’ve come back
Tuesday Morning, 10.30
How’s that?
Don’t You Worry!
Don’t Think Bad Thoughts…Just Relax!
Can It Be True
You Don’t Want It Like That?

Why Don’t You Say, Just What You Want From Me?
Why Don’t You Leave the Pass Behind and ‘Come Clean’
You Spend Way to Much Time
Thinking About the Past and What Could Have Been
Why Can’t We Settle Down
Live Beyond Our Means And Raise A Family?

I’m sitting here wondering
Staring At Photographs of Us
Wasn’t It Funny How You Tore Your Black Dress
Take a Minute to Understand
Just What I’m Going Through…Without You
Tuesday Morning…
I Can’t Wait… To Hold You

Why Don’t You Say, Just What You Want From Me?
Why Don’t You Leave the Past behind ‘Come Clean?’
You Spend Way to Much Time
Thinking About the Past and What Could Have Been
Why Can’t We Settle Down
Live Beyond Our means and Raise a Family?


The new single "Come Clean" can be downloaded FOR FREE at

Until EP-an amazing 60 No.1's on former music website

World web charts gained well over a 100.000 Streams in one year

The long anticipated album "Honestly" is available RIGHT NOW! At the following fine music sites:

Set List

2 Covers
One set is about 40 minutes
Pop/Rock with a honest feel!