Mark Kaye

Mark Kaye


I have been compared to John Legend and Robin Thicke. I can only hope that it's true. My music is very improvisational. I like to keep my music in the moment, and when I perform I am open to a different interpretation of all my music.


Mark Kaye:
Latin Pop and Soul singer/songwriter Mark Kaye is an energetic and new era artist! Mark was born January 10, 1975 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is 6 ft., 190 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. He now resides in California in the San Francisco Bay Area.
With his talent and good looks, Mark has a stage presence and appeal that is incredible and everybody loves him and his music. Love, passion, and fantasy inspire his songs! In addition to recording five CDs, Mark, the busy and versatile artist, also sings and plays a custom guitar keyboard synthesizer with The Mark Kaye Band on the West coast.
Mark grew up listening to and playing a range of Latin styles of music such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Son. His roots also stem out to playing with various R&B and Hip-Hop bands as well. Mark also shines on the dance floor with experience in Latin dances.
Grammy nominated producer Greg Landau has referred to Mark as a “modern day Ricky Martin”!



Written By: mark kaye

By Mark Kaye

First Verse
It took me
Completely by surprise
I would have never thought
I would have never realized
The more that you give
The more you will get
And the more you will live
With out regret

You’re never too old
You’re never too young
To open your eyes
And shine

Second Verse
We live and learn
How to play the games
Life everywhere
Is all the same
Some of us afraid
And some of us are not
But we all fade
Giving it all we’ve got

You’re never too old
You’re never too young
To open your eyes
And shine

It’s sometimes hard
Got to play by the rules
But rules were made to be broken
You know it’s true
Cause deep inside of you
There’s a light
That shines

Chorus X2
You’re never too old
You’re never too young
To open your eyes
And shine


"Fairy Tales" 1994
"Far Country" 1995
"I Can Love You" 2000
"Passion" 2001
"M" 2003
"I'm On A Mission"- 2004
"What Would Love Do"- 2005

Set List

I do an hour, to an hour and a half set.
I have enough material to do four 45 minutes sets a night.
I perform original material, and some covers.
The typical covers that I perform are from artists the likes of, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, John Legend.