Mark Kmit

Mark Kmit

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Movie/television soundtrack appropriate.Combination of symphonic,exotic,ethnic with colorful instrumentation.Well crafted with passion,fire,pathos and a great deal of depth and range.


I'm not a band; I'm a composer. I have done commisions for dance and theatre companies and realeased a CD "UMILENYE" on Lattisphere Records.I'm trying to break into doing music for Film,Television and the Stage.I kind of straddle the worlds of Rock and Classical and consider both equally valid. I try to incorporate elements into my music that I find are often lacking in a lot of current music; drama,passion,excitement,contrast,color,dynamics,fire,technique.
I started out in the rock world as a bassist and then received extensive classical training on keyboards, so my influences range from Led Zeppelin, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and other `progressive' bands of the`70's to Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Bach to Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith and European folk and Church music.


I have a CD; "UMILENYE" available on Lattisphere records.