Mark Lancaster

Mark Lancaster


I am a singer song writer, going to college..taking Perfoming Recording Arts & Advanced Audio Production. I'm on the jouney to learn the new techniques for a "good sound", classes learning Pro Tools which my college has to offer. Yes! Pro Tools classes & "on-hands" recording!


Influences through out the years of playing listen, has been many. Steely Dan to Five for Fighting. Classical training and onto "show band" performing. Composing is a real passion to achieve the best I can, in mood, words & style.



Written By: Shawna Borgen

TRUST 4/06/07

All the things we have inside,
why do we feel the need to hide
We all have him inside of us,
We have to get over this lack of trust.
Remember when we were small..
We'd look up and he seem 10 ft. tall
Perception is belief

Our lives have had some grief,
I believe its made us strong
so we can right all the wrongs.

I have a rope that symbolizes us,
with it I hope to restore the trust,
The strengh is more the most..
I really don't like to boast.


You have the chance to make it yours
and heal all the old sores.
Why look at the bad
And all that's made us sad...

Last Chorus:
Let it out ...
scream and shout...
Hold that rope so tight...
squeeze it all your might
soon you may be squeezing one of us.....
Starting.... to restore the trust

Composed &
Piano/Vocals : Mark Lancaster
Lyrics: Shawna Borgen

When Darkness Breaks

Written By: Dave Whitingsmith

When Darkness Breaks

Somewhere in between/grace and useless pity
the sun sets down upon/the grey haze of the yellow city


When darkness breaks, it breaks on me
seems like it never ceases
When darkneww breaks.... though it breaks on me..
it won't break me in pieces.

2) Like a thousand days before / and futures undetermined
prone upon a hard-wood floor / a man's heart beats, uncertain.

It beats like drums of dread / for the living and the dead
for the night here is so long / thick and doubly strong

Voices echo 'cross the field / where children hide their fears...
Chastened by the years .... chastened by the years ...


in the parking lots and shopping malls
undread march thru trash-filled stalls
searching for nothing... made to endured
the sun rotation... and a world made impure.

(Chorus) and out.

Yer Beautiful Blues

Written By: Dave Whitingsmith

Yer Beautiful Blues

I hear the song that sirens play,
the sound of trauma and acute dismay....
I think sometimes I'd blow a fuse,
if not for you and your beautiful blues.

The evil there is always calling...
the engines of life are always stalling
Lord knows I must have paid my dues,
to find you and your yer beautiful blues...

Yer Blues are so beautific
like you they are terrific
Like a cerulean sky on a crisp clear day....
Please don't ever take.... take yer blues away,

As the cracked bells of chaos ring..
the aimless world does a aimless thing.
I've spent my time sniffin' out odd clues...
to find the key to your beautiful blues.

CHORUS again...

Everything I've gained,.... I call it loss...
Everyone has got to carry.... their personal cross....
I'd give it up...and happily loose,
everything..... for yer beautiful blues

Sing praises to the lord God cash...
Someday soon everything will crash.
It's time to paint over angry red hues..
and embrace you and your beautiful blues.

Chorus again:

Guitar solo: (bridge music progression)

Chorus last time & out

Set List

When Darkness Breaks
Everyone Knows
Yer Beautiful Blues
The Dash