Mark Leighton

Mark Leighton

 Wrentham, Massachusetts, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Mark Leighton is a Singer/Songwriter that performs Adult Alternative music. He plays guitar, keyboards, bass, drums & sings. His music is very engaging with deeply personal lyrics, great melodies & unforgettable hooks. He remains one of the most prolific & endearing songwriters in Boston.


“REVELATION” is the newest release by Mark Leighton. Leighton wrote and produced the 11 song CD which highlights Leighton's pop sensibility in both the ballads and upbeat tunes. The CD was mastered at The Mastering Lab and is due to be released this year.

REVELATION musicians include:
Mark Leighton ..... guitars, keyboards, bass, drums & vocals
Dave Cournoyer .. guitars & vocals
Bruce Marshall ..... vocals (courtesy of ATM records)
Cathy Martin ........ keyboards and vocals
Skip Andresen ...... keyboards
David Amaral ........ bass
Peter Linfors ........ drums

Previous releases include "STAND TALL " & "SONGWRITER". Stand Tall is a mix of Contemporary Music with influences of Folk, Country, R&B, and Rock. Songwriter is his initial 5-song EP. All of the tunes are very engaging due to the deeply personal nature of the lyrics, great melodies, and unforgettable hooks.

While Leighton has been absent from the stage for the last few years, he has been very busy writing a great deal of music. Some of the music is featured on REVELATION and some is slated for next CD entitled "BADUS BROOK"

Leighton began playing guitar, singing & writing songs in his hometown of Walpole, MA at the age of 12. Early influences included Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Rod Stewart, the Beatles and the Stones. Leighton sang and played original tunes on guitar, bass & keyboards with 4 to 8 piece bands in the Greater Boston area for over a decade. He also performed on acoustic guitar at Boston coffee houses & impressed audiences with his heartfelt lyrics. During this time he began recording his music.

Leighton went on to study Arranging & Composition at Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. While at Berklee, he formed Pieces with drummer Peter Lindors and performed at Berklee Performance Center. The band played extensively in clubs and developed a strong appreciation of what it takes to capture the attention of an audience. Pieces recorded original music in Boston area studios and gained airplay on local radio stations.

Hot Wires came next, a pop rock band featuring the songs of Mark Leighton. The lineup included Leighton on guitar & vocals and a guitar wizard by the name of Dave Cournoyer. The band recorded in Boston area studios and performed showcases that generated interest from record labels, but failed to secure a record contract. Leighton disbanded the project and returned to college for engineering to gain some technical knowledge and secure the ability to finance his own projects.

During his engineering studies, Leighton remained active in the Boston music scene. He directed an original musical production, played out regularly with a rock band, and freelanced with several Boston bands on guitar, bass, and keyboards.

After graduating at the top of his engineering class, he developed project management and digital recording software for Boston based companies, which has given him a good foundation for managing recording projects.

Leighton took a sabbatical from engineering to set up a recording studio, where he recorded “STAND TALL” & "REVELATION".

After working with dozens of bands and writing hundreds of songs, the one thing that remains constant is his gift of capturing a song in whatever style suits the moment. He remains one of the most prolific and endearing songwriters in Boston.

Current influences include Don Henley, Eric Clapton, Vince Gill, & Sting.


Blue Skies

Written By: Mark Leighton

Have pushed the clouds away
In your eyes
I can see tomorrow oh oh
I know our love is splendor
I'll always remember your eyes
Blue Skies oo-o-o-o-oh

I was so lonely
Until you came along
And struck my heartstrings
Made my house a home
Oh can we share love forever
Stay in my arms and be my lover

Please let me hold you
Like mother holds her child
Oh I would love to be your leopard in the wild
Oh I want to love forever
Feel the heat as we come together

I need you badly
Like the desert needs the rain
You lead me blindly
Through the pleasures and the pain
Oh I want to love forever
Bring sunshine to the rain
Brave stormy weather


Here For You Now

Written By: Mark Leighton

I'm just a guy
Trying to understand you
As we contemplate the give and take
In everything we do
As your eyes open
Do you cherish every breath?
I hope the words that pass between us
Will help to build a lasting trust

Oh yeh
Hey - I'd walk through the fire
To hold you

But in the end
I'm just a guy
Trying to understand you
All the things you crash into
Revolve around your fears
The book is open
For everyone to see and know
That hope's the thing that matters most
Raise your glass and make a toast

Oh yeh
Hey - I'd walk through the fire
To hold you

Stand by my side
And take my hand
I'll always be
Be your man

Oh yeh
Hey - I'd walk through the fire
To hold you

In the end
I'm just a guy
Trying to understand you
I'm just a guy
Trying to understand you

Overwhelmed By You

Written By: Mark Leighton

By the way you move me
Like a boat out to sea
By the way you bring out
The best in me
As first light of morning strikes your eyes
I know I’m alive

Until sun set
You show me the colors
In every single hue
When you hold me
As we make love together
I’m Overwhelmed By You

I want to be the one you turn to
When all your strength is gone
A steadfast shoulder to lean on
Shelter from the storm
As first light of morning strikes your eyes
I’ll be by your side

Only a lifetime will do
Overwhelmed By You

I’m Overwhelmed By You


Written By: Mark Leighton

The doorbell rang at 2:00 am
I woke up and you walked in
Lost in a field of dreams
Looked like you’d been crying
All of the moments
That we shared written on your face
Without the days of old
That went so well and then erased

Oh – struck me today - yeh
Always searching for tomorrow
We never find today

Some days the child in me
Reaches out for comfort from you
Don’t know what I would do
Without the friend I found in you
We had our moments
The two of us were one heartbeat
Those days I reminisce
I think of all that we could be

All those heartaches
All those misunderstandings
Follow you home

You said
It’s all the same
It’s what you do not what you say
Re-invent yourself
Leave the shadows on the shelf
All of the trophies that made us real
Are now a joke
It’s all a parody of all the words
We never spoke
We never spoke

And as the sun goes down
We’re smiling
Like long lost children
Who finally found their way
Among the clouds
On this fine day
This fine day

Take A Chance

Written By: Mark Leighton

Nobody’s going to ever understand you completely
Everybody’s got to take a piece of your heart
We have our problems
We have our plans
We have our prejudices that make demands
But when it all comes down and the dice get rolled
You can hide your heart or take control

No need to run- no need to hide
You got to Take A Chance – Do or die
Life is too short to pretend
You Got to - Take A Chance - to fall in love again
Come on - Take A Chance
Or die alone in the end

Nobody’s going to be the perfect gentleman you dream of
Day light show our lines and flaws
We have our problems – we have our plans
We have our prejudices – that make demands
But when the day is done and we pull back the sheets
I’ll hold you close and fill your needs

Oh oh - nothing comes easy
Till you take the time – make up your mind

No need to run – no need to hide
Take A Chance – do or die

May Peace Be With You

Written By: Mark Leighton

I’m watching you
As the sun shines through the window
Reflecting on a world outside
As you make your way
Through the world each day

I see you smile in a funny style
You got everyone’s attention
And what you say to me in a subtle way
You got only the best intentions

When the clouds are out – the rain falls down
I know you’ll be shining through
As you make your way – in a trouble world

I’m watching you
The sun shines through the window
Reflecting on a world outside
As you make your way
Through another day – I’ll always
Give you my best intentions



Revelation - will be released this year
Stand Tall - released in 2002
Songwriter - released in 1998