The Mark Williams Project

The Mark Williams Project


The Mark Williams Project is a soulful, ecletic, musical tapestry of original compositions that satisfy the artistic, as well as spiritual appetite. Bon Appetite!



The Mark Williams Project is led by singer/songwriter/producer Mark Luvell Williams. Mark was born into a musical family, and made his stage debut at the tender age of 3 years old. Mark’s musical identity was nourished by the fertile soil found within the Oakwood College community in Huntsville, Alabama; a community Mark feels blessed to call HOME! After many fore’s into the world of music; spanning the years between middle-school and college, Mark found his voice as a songwriter and dedicated his voice as well as his writing to touching the world, and leaving it better than he found it.

Mark spent 6 years working in the music industry as an exclusively published writer. A former staff-writer for the Provident Music Group, Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing and its family of labels including: Zomba, Jive, Benson, Reunion, Verity, Brentwood, Essential, Cedarmont, and Diadem Records; Mark has had the distinct honor of writing for various nationally and internationally known artists. Mark has one publishing catalog currently being administered by Sony/BMG songs.

The Mark Williams Project is a uniquely equipped to build bridges of hope, understanding, and love in the midst of diversity ; a design that has proven effective in reaching across racial, cultural, and ideological boundaries.

Having maintained a steady recording and performance schedule for over 10 years, The Mark Williams Project has been blessed to share the studio and the stage with an eclectic mix of truly gifted artists.

The Mark Williams Project invites you to experience the power of it’s unique artistic expression, and hopes that you in turn will be inspired to share this gift with someone else.

May God Richly Bless You!



Miles To Go

Written By: Mark L. Williams

“Miles to Go”
Words and Music by Mark L. Williams

Who am I? What am I? And where am I going?
Where, when, and how will I make my mark?
My unlimited potential is inconsequential
Without a plan – a guiding hand.

I’ve often heard it said that “life is a journey!”
I don’t know what lies ahead but my bearing is true!
I’m on my mark. I’m set. And I’m ready to go.
Let’s get this show on the road!

I’ve got miles, (and miles), and miles, (and miles), to go!
My bags are packed and there’s no turning back – cause…
I’ve got miles, (and miles), and miles, (and miles), to go!
Treasures to discover - mysteries to uncover
I’ve got miles, (and miles), and miles, (and miles), to go!
I’m on a mission: possible
No more delaying - just bring on the road
Can’t slow my pace – no!
I’ve got miles and miles to go!

I’m gonna’ navigate through life’s pathways
I’m ready to explore the great unknown
I’m gonna’ chart a course that leads me to me
I’m gonna’ hone a purpose of my own

Down the road I know that there may be hazards
Down that road with it’s shifts and stops
But with a little direction I’ll steer the intersections of life,
Til’ I arrive on top!

I’m spyin’ the distant horizon
(3 - times Vamp out with chorus Tag)
I’ve got miles and miles to go!

© Williams World Music Publishing Co./ASCAP


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Set List

He Loves You - We Stand Committed - Pure - If You Believe - Take It To The Cross - The Way To You - Watching Over You - Won't Let You Go...........

The Project is prepared to do sets of various lengths. Typically 30, 45, and 60 minute sets.