Mark Makuch

Mark Makuch


A toronto singer-songwriter.

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Meet Me In Toronto

Written By: Mark Makuch

Meet Me In Toronto

parks filled with kids and moms and dads
swinging swings and catch me if you can
bikes roll down beside the lake
sunny sides and boardwalk games
oh what would i give
to show the world where live

its here beside lake ontario
this place where so many people flow
from the east, from the americas,
from europe and from africa
all to find communities
a home for every race and creed

just meet me in toronto
its a place where you can be
anything you want to
any way you need

where the iroquois and hurons lived
where the water met the woods
the spirit of the world lives here in its
mutlicoloured patchwork neighbourhoods

downtown the towers rise
breath the rhythm of the daily nine to five
shops and shows and restaurants
everything that you could ever want
except maybe the stanley cup
someday soon we'll hoist it up


no matter where you're from
no matter how you've come
you can find your place right here
live in peace and without fear
its the human tapestry
living in such harmony