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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


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My good friend Kieron of The Dilemmas tempted me south of the river to experience singer/songwriter Mark Mathews as he starts performing with a full band lineup, instead of his usual solo set.

The first thing to say was that the Clapham Grand is the most outrageously enormous venue to host what appears to be a new band night for For the bands lower down the bill this means a characteristically booming sound and a vast expanse of floor between punters and band. It's also too dark to check out who has come for the gig, except for some quite nice seating at the side and back of the hall where I ended up. I guess if venues were cinemas, this place would get split into a multiplex of 3 or 4 venues, which could have 3 bands each. However, I shouldn't give such ideas to money-minded promoters.

Courtesy of the tfl journey planner I arrived 40 minutes early and was treated to a 3 piece Irish combo with a left-handed bassist. The way that the sound here gave them bass drum and rack toms above all else took me back to my youth. It didn't do what sounded like reasonable songs any favours. The last people I remember seeing here were The Prisoners many moons ago. I'm rather impressed that it doesn't seem to have changed one bit. Our host announced that the band was called Paravida. 15 people had given them a rousing if echoey reception.

The next guy/band (Stewart Mac - managed to get 29 people to watch them plus a further 3 in the officially unavailable balcony. The bass player reminded me of Slaine from 2000AD. He had a mop of dyed blonde hair and put his foot onto the foldback speaker without a hint of irony. The lead guitarist provided very reasonable harmonies. He and the bass player had chains on their trousers. Mr Mac himself was chirpy and cheeky between songs. Overall they were extremely professional in a rock way and as a result I was having difficulty concentrating on them as it felt like I was watching a video. They were all good looking types, wearing black tops.

After a while they offered men at the back a beer for coming down front, or a fruit based drink for ladies. I wasn't sure about that, but I took up the challenge and was pleased I did, as the sound and vibe was much better when standing near the front.

Afterwards I caught up with my friend Kieron, and met the man Mark Mathews himself, whilst the next band (Philanthropy) were on, so I'm afraid I totally missed them. Kieron has been educating Mark about his Medway (Prisoners, Milkshakes) heritage - Mark's from Maidstone.

I'd had a quick listen on and the live set added even more energy to his catchy songs. His left-handed drummer was sporting a Beatles T-shirt and this nicely echoed the chorus of the 2nd song "I don't love you, yeah yeah yeah" !

They were on at 10:30 and there seemed to be a rush because of other bands overrunning and because of the need to turn the venue into a late night club as soon as they got off. Still they could be happy that they were playing to around 80 people, and the first audience to make the venue seem vaguely the right size.

For most of the set Mark did some high energy acoustic guitar strumming, and this gave his poppy songs a driving spirit. Despite the time pressure they were allowed an encore, during which another friend Heather pointed out to me the flashing disco square dance floor under our feet.

Mark writes good tuneful songs and his new band gave them a very natural accompaniment, which left the appreciative audience very happy. For an early gig they were very accomplished, and they have a string of further dates coming up as detailed at - ART ROCKER

"29/4/08 - Spotlight: Mark Mathews"

Bonjourno and welcome to The RedFan Spotlight! This is basically a little article that I'm going to put up every now and then on an independent artist who really catches my ear. So without further a do, let's commence The Spotlight!

So today it's all about Mark Mathews, an ex-porn industry worker who decided to pick up a guitar and write some darn good pop songs which is a great improvement over any of the "bom-chicka-wah-wah" music you'd find in his average film.

He's done a whole load of great stuff musically, such as playing on the same bill as Babyshambles, Luke Toms and Frank Turner, being nominated for an Indy Music Award and came second in XND Radio's 'Artist of the Year' competition.

This is all great stuff and as soon as you listen to his songs you can see why he's done so well for himself. 'It All Goes Out The Window' is an amazing, fluid acoustic anthem which is just so emotive and such an easy listen that you could just listen to it all day.
'London Lives' is a bright and jiggy song for the Summer which I know will be as integral to one of my garden parties as Pimms and lemonade. - RED FAN MUSIC


The evening kicked off with a performance by Maidstone-based foursome Mark Mathews and the One Ts. Despite some concern as Music-News finds issues with bands with names that give one member top billing above the rest The One Ts proved to be the show stoppers of the evening. Mathews is quite the showman and luckily has more than enough talent to warrant having his tag in the group name. The songwriter went solo a few years back before forming a band again to have his songs played 'the way they should be' and, if that’s been achieved by Mathews, then the way they should be played is raucous, loud and bursting with charisma. A slice of 'Madchester' sound served up by some lads from Kent, priceless. -


Mark Mathews was just amazing. He even managed to keep 'AlvinA' Rob quiet throughout his set as he sat there open-mouthed & clapping like a loon at the end. I love his stuff, his EP is top notch, but live? Fucking awesome =) x I recommend this dude 110%.

Sammi Dee MIG Promotions



With an apparent Beatles influence evident, Mark Mathew's music is beautifully interpreted & re-crafted, without sounding like a tacky cover. Acoustic Artists are always in danger of sounding the same, but Mark's music is fresh sounding, captivatingly interesting & much better live. Mark knows what he wants & certainly knows how to get it. It's clear to see the pure determination this guy has, & that is what makes his music inspiring.

Putting it simply, Mark Mathews has genuine talent, and is one to look out for in the near future & beyond.

Review by Sammi Dee MIG Promotions



Much-feted singer songwriter Mark Mathews has had more effusive compliments thrown his way than a Tracey Emin colouring-in piece. He plays honest songs with a 60s hook and doesn't suffer by being compared to Noel Gallagher at his most astute and rhythmically concise. He's played on the same bill as Babyshambles and background info suggests he was once a porn star. If he has starred in any grumble flicks, we're sure he'd make the whole thing seem less dirty than it actually is. Anyone in love with music should get a look at this Camden-based award-nominated dude.

Review by Dirty South - Lewisham



He embodies the mid nineties Brit music scene at it's best; Mark Mathews' refreshing blend of funk, Indie and rock n' roll makes him a dangerous talent that could dethrone Brit rock Gods such as Oasis and The verve.

His music is full of London angst and self- deprecating lyrics. Amazingly cheeky and observant, Mark is anything but a pretentious isolated folk artist; realism and humour can be just as poetic if not more relevant to his listeners. In 'London lives' Mark sings "while she sleeps on the train I'll be eyeing up your girlfriend" um…Mark is a bit of a naughty boy, not only is he checking a girl out but is basically telling the poor boyfriend. However tongue and cheek his lyrics maybe Mark still manages to retain his artistic integrity and can really churn out magical lyrics. In his track 'It goes out the window' Mark portrays the ups and down of a tempestuous relationship, a real emotional ride.

Mark Mathews is a genuinely talented artist with an ability to totally engross his audience in his sung stories. Possibly singer songwriter of 2007.

Review by Agaazit Haile Selassie Hybrid Lab



2017 - Feelings Aren't Facts (EP)

2016 - The Raging Sea (EP)

2015 - Misspent Future (EP)

2014 - Someone (Single)

2012 - Moments and Movements (EP)

2008 - A Flash in the Pan



Mark Mathews is a London based singer-songwriter who writes catchy, indie-pop tunes with a folk edge. He has been voted one of the best artists in London by readers of the Metro newspaper, awarded first place in the Indie International Songwriting competition, nominated for 2 Indy Music Awards for best live act and been played on BBC Introducing.

Mark has continued to tour both the UK and the world, performed with Andy Fairweather-Low, Dodgy, Frank Turner, Nigel Clarke, Luke Toms, The Draytones and Dan Le Sac and released 5 EP's and one album during that time.

​In search of a new and exciting direction, Mark took it upon himself to release a track every month throughout 2017 culminating in the release of 2 new EP's and he is gearing up to more gigs and recordings in the spring of 2018.