To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie

To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie


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Jehna Wilhelm began working with Mark McGee in the fall of 2001 through rough recordings sent across the Atlantic. This collection of work finally consummated in 2003 with their first performance in Richmond, VA. A series of self-released albums, EP’s, and collaborations soon followed. With the interest in forging a destructive sound with torrent lullabies, and excitement for irregular rhythm and minimalist composition, they took the name To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie as a description for this endeavor. Operating on the effected loops and electronics of Mark McGee and the lush vocal style and the delicate song writing of Jehna Wilhelm, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie conveys a dark and brooding world of folding hands, replaceable automatons, and scrounging executives. They currently live in NE Minneapolis, MN and have expanded their line up to include vocalist, Mona Ginsberg and Cello player, Anna Rodell.

To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie's song writing typically begins with a basic vocal and guitar structure which is then slowy developed by adding electronics and manipulating sounds, until the orignal outline is blurred yet still identifiable. The steady passing of sounds and samples are most important to TKAPB’s recording process, and they rely heavily on the loss of translation between each pass.

But the importance of the technical details of any sound recording should be considered infinitesimally small when measured against the end result. Many sound artists have read both the pop and noise manifestoes and tried to join the two seemingly opposed theories into a cohesive whole, yet few have succeeded. Invariably, the artist makes a conscious or subconscious decision to stand firmly in the one camp where their beliefs truly lie and to occasionally tip the cap to the other to remind both themselves and the listener of their original intent. What TKAPB have produced however, is a near perfect storm of structure and chaos, melody and noise, the precise and the random, fused into their own unified musical theory of everything that at times soothes while simultaneously grabbing your throat.


A Companion For Afternoon Walks CDr 2003
Weatherly Scott demo CDr 2004
Retire Early EP CD 2005
And their eyes were like flashing screens... 7" vinyl 2004
Venture Dearly 7" vinyl 2006
The Patron CD 2007 Kranky
Marlone CD 2009 Kranky

Radio play:
KUOM 770 Radio K, Minneapolis
KFAI 90.3/106.7 FM, Minneapolis
KVSC 88.1 FM, St. Cloud, MN
KUMD 103.3 FM, Duluth, MN
KMSU 89.7FM, True Punks Do Electro, Mankato, MN
KRLX 88.1 FM, Northfield, MN
KALX Top 35, April 2006
640 AM / 89.3 FM, WTBU Boston University
WHFR 89.3 FM, Detroit
KVRX 91.7FM , Austin, TX
89.3 The Current, Minneapolis, MN

Set List

Varies from show to show

Sets are usually around 45min.