Mark Michaelson

Mark Michaelson


This Southern roots rock musician combines strong music and powerful vocals. He doesn't just sound like anyone you've ever heard before, but is deeply soulful. The more you listen, the more layers you uncover and realize that you've never heard anything quite like this before.


Born in 1947 in Manchester, NH, Mark was quickly transplanted to Macon, GA where he was introduced to the magic of the Deep South and the sounds of southern roots music. After moving to Atlanta, Mark spent many years playing drums for various acts along the southern circuit as well as singing and songwriting.

In later years, Mark turned his talents to engineering and producing with WonderDog Sounds Recording Studios which he founded.

After a life altering turn of events, Mark decided it was time to combine these talents and wrote, produced, sang, and engineered "In This World But Not Of It".


Mark Michaelson - "In This World But Not Of It" (2006)