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Written By: Mark Moran/ Mark Sussex

What did you think you'd do without me, Are we together or apart, Is this the end girl or the start, You turn and walk away maybe we'll talk tonight, I don't really know what's wrong baby I know what's right, Don't turn away don't turn away, I'll have another beer sit here and think about you, Get mad get glad get just about anything but my arms around you, Don't turn away don't turn away, Rosanne don't let it end this way, Rosanne so much more to say, Don't leave me here waiting and wondering about you, Anticipating what else can i do

Out Of Time

Written By: Mark Moran

up all night
spending hours of sleep
all the things
i should have done last week
i'm out of time
the telephone man
installed another 10 lines
i keep them all on hold
till i can find the time
i could take a trip to europe
i could book a flight to Rome
you could probably get to know me but i'm tied up on this phone
i'm out of time
i can't tell if i'm alive
i got my doctor on the phone
doctor checked my pulse and he said i'm afraid all i get is a dial tone
i'm out of time
can't stop for love
can't wait for a date
can't talk right now cause i'm already late
i'm out of time
there's a line for Vanessa
there's a fax you can see
there's a cordless in the kitchen
and it only rings for me
i'm out of time

With You Not Here


With you not here
life will never be the same again
all my fears
will i ever play the game again
carry on
is that really what you want me to do
don't worry 'bout me
i won't worry 'bout you
must admit i nearly died this time
can't believe how much you lied to me
with you not here
life will never be the same again
all my fears
will i ever play the game again
must admit i still get lonley for you
all those years i wanted you only
for me