Mark Mueller

Mark Mueller


Acoustic guitar and vocal driven Americana, Mark's songs reflect stories that all can relate to. Heartfelt, soulful lyrics vibrantly weave scenes of hope, sorrow, joy, love; running the full spectrum of emotion, expertly sending the listener on a journey away from their own lives for awhile.


Mark Mueller is a singer/songwriter living in Fredericksburg, Virginia with his wife Dena and two daughters, Sarah and Abby. Mark has been writing and playing for more than 20 years, and has been active in local music scenes from Michigan to Virginia during all that time.

Although most of his career has been spent as a solo artist, Mark has played in various bands along the way, usually acoustic based Americana as well as in the jam band genre. Mark also plays a little blue grass and can be coaxed into sitting in at local gigs when he's in the audience.

"Landing in Ashland", Mark's first studio album, was purposely recorded without a band and with minimal post-production and re-mixing. The songs span Mark's career, and were written as long as 21 years ago and as recently as this past winter, 2006. The result, “Landing in Ashland”, is a deep look into the soul of a singer/songwriter whose lyrics and melodies resonate long after you listen to them.

Currently, Mark is gigging in the greater Northern Virginia area, promoting the release of the album. The plan is to keep it simple through the fall, and then actively pursue putting a band together. Even though "Landing" was just released in August, work has already begun on the follow up album. The plan is to have Mark backed with an acoustic band on his sophomore effort. The following is Mark’s story, to which he is currently sticking!

From Mark:

So really, all in all, I think pulling the bubble wrap off of a brand spankin' new Harmony six-string guitar may have had something to do with all of this.

My twin brother Jeff and I got that guitar, delivered in a big assed box by the postman, by selling Christmas cards door to door for a whole summer when we were about 14 years old. At the same time my dad had just bought a Sears tin stereo record player that replaced the 45 player we had used prior. Dad put a Johnny Cash record on and played I Walk the Line saying, " This is what guitar is supposed to sound like". (I guess he didn't appreciate Jimmy Page very much!) I have no idea how we did it but we managed to tune that thing to the record using some 5th fret idea we had heard of before. Well it worked. That guitar played, the chord charts worked, and I played my first G.

That was 1974 and I was hooked. I sang into tape players trying to sound like America. I played Cash songs trading off with my brother. Somewhere along the way a few more guitars showed up and we were playing in earnest. My beloved old Alvarez came along a couple years later.

Ahhh the Alvarez.... I smile even thinking about it...

I still play it and always will. Really, I'm its human more than it's my guitar. It saw me through many gigs at school, and many bar scenes and club shows that I can barely recall now. It saved my heartaches by it's great sound and soon I was writing my youthful pains away.

I wish I had saved everything I wrote in those days and in the years leading up to this project, but many pieces written were tossed away like excess ballast. Some survived the haze of yesteryear and have been reborn; others are in the process of untangling themselves from the deep recesses of my memory. The important thing is that the old Alvarez taught me how to write and play (such as it is). I have a few more great guitars now but some how the old Alvarez has become the Harmony. The old Harmony may still be in an attic somewhere, I don't know.

It took 20 years, but I somehow got here. To explain it would take years and beers and tears. I married the best girl (who pushed me along with this), met a great friend who got me off my ass, and Landing in Ashland has arrived. I was pushed into writing this little introduction to me, and I'm sure Rob is going to add to it. I don't like writing and talking about myself in this kind of forum. For you reading this, Landing is the best autobiography I can provide to you The album captures many moods, many era's, and many adventures I've had before finally bringing it all together on a 5 inch piece of plastic. I really hope you get as much enjoyment listening to it as I have had writing and playing it.



Fast Rocket

Written By: Mark Mueller

it was a long pull
from a short bottle
it was a long push
on a short throttle

a little pill
from a friend's pocket
sent you to heaven
on a fast rocket

oh you never, you never, you never know
how fast it spins

it was a pipe dream
inside your head
reality, reality
crawlin out of bed

the first thing, the last thing
you ever did
was carnival sky high
on a bad acid

oh, you never, you never, you never, know
how fast it spins

how fast it spins
like a twisted hurricane

how fast it spins

like tequila in the blender
how fast it spins

so go my child go slow
because fast it spins

Maybe I Could

Written By: Mark Mueller

once in a while
my eyes wandered
but they never, no they never got to far
thinking about maybe, well
one lost lover, i remember who you are

wakin up one morning
to an empty bed
i was thinking maybe i was one
for the road
and all i kept thinking was
baby you never said that
you were one to be held
but not to hold

once in a while
i get scared by all the
old lovers that were good to you
in the past
and all i kept thinking was
maybe behind your winkin
somehow this one was gonna last

but they come now and they go
i need security yeah, does it show
that none of them would please me ever

maybe i could love you…
maybe i could love you
maybe i could love you..


Stray Puppy

Written By: Mark Mueller

oh have you missed them
have you ever tried
just a stray pup in the alley
with eyes open wide

someone to take my place
that's what you’re trying to do
but i got one saving grace
a chance for something new

and oh how i know it
time sure does fly
and oh how i know it
you meant to stop by

you never once thought
i might be waiting
you called my time all your own
and when you was up there playin
you knew id be home

that i’d be..

hello has it been that long
you say you're glad you’re on your own
it's nice to know you're makin it
i'm glad i'm not alone


Landing in Ashland - 2006

Set List


From the Debut Album, “Landing in Ashland”:

Fast Rocket
Do Ya Love Me?
Maybe I Could
Diamond Jim
Stray Puppy
Hitch Hiker
Fall Into You
Reign On My Soul
So It Begins
One Time I Tried
Moon Rose
Unchanging Faces

Mark prefers to tailor sets to the venue to include up to 75 minutes of all original music, including most of the songs from the current release as well as other originals not yet available on disc.

Cover Songs:

In addition to his original music, Mark’s diverse repertoire can accommodate up to approximately two hours of covers from artists including such crowd favorites as Neil Young; America; Crosby, Stills and Nash; The Beatles; Jonathan Edwards; Simon and Garfunkle; and many other singer/songwriters.